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Robin Marie Chandler: four gold medals! >>>

Robin Marie Chandler: four gold medals! # Armwrestling #

“I was so excited, I was crying! I couldn't believe it I was so happy!” ()

The World behind us. I will try to introduce you to all the gold medalists. First, the athlete who won four gold medals.

PeSzy: Is this your greatest success in sport?

Robin Marie Chandler: Hi yes this is my greatest success in sports, I never did sports before. I dropped out of school at the age of 15.

It was better for me this year because 2019 in Poland I had trouble with jetlag.

PeSzy: Have you been preparing especially for Orlando?

Robin Marie Chandler: I trained very hard for this event, but a month ago I hurt my stomach very bad with pulled muscles so I couldn't train for a month. I was worried I wouldn't be strong enough.

Found a spot for my gold medals

PeSzy: Just tell everyone about your impressions...

Robin Marie Chandler:

The results I was hoping for were 4 gold medals. The grand masters were easy for me. But my last left handed match I hurt my shoulder. The first left handed match of seniors I won but really hurt my shoulder again. The second match I lost I was considering dropping out off class, I was in great pain. But I said no its the world's. I won my semifinal match I was now in finals with a woman that was 20 years younger than me and someone I never had beat before left handed her name is Paige Williams. I was able to get to the straps were I'm very good. I False started. Then I elbow fouled it was great pressure but I was able to win.

Then the final match I had to be on bad side of table I got to straps again but this tim I got the buckle bad side of strap but I pinned her I couldn't believe it at 51 I had won seniors world title! I was so excited, I was crying! I couldn't believe it I was so happy! Now when I started right hand seniors I lost first match on fouls with a women that had beat me 3 different times she was 21 and she had just won 2 world titles in junior 21 class. So now I'm on Loosing bracket again I thought to my self I have 3 gold medals but I was going to be upset if only I get a bronze. I was in semifinal with girl that beat me first match Madison Walker was her name. I won in a reffs grip set up. Now in finals with 1 loss to same girl as left final Paige Williams I won in straps then won again in straps now I'm a 4 time world champion. People ask me what's next I say I don't know.

PeSzy: Now it's time to rest?

Rest I say. But now it's Arnold Classic in March then I always dream of having a vendetta match with a European woman!

PeSzy: What do you feel?

To me now I'm a world champion it changes the way I think of myself. I consider myself one of the best in the USA to be a world champion with both arms is a great honor to me.

I honestly must thank all the people that have hated on me called me hurtful name then made me motivated to prove how good I could be because there still haters and now I'm a world champion!

But mostly I must thank all my supporters - without you I would have left the sport. European women are my motivation they are the best and that God for letting me be a champion without him I'm nothing!

Ii will say when I train and are motivated I'm at elite level women in heavyweight class. I'm not best in world like Sarah or Gabby but I'm very good I believe.

PeSzy: Congratulations and thanks for the interview!
Robin Marie Chandler: Greetings to my fans!

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