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Rick Pinkney: Summary >>>

Rick Pinkney: Summary # Armwrestling #

The Championships are behind us. Heroes and medalists have a well-deserved rest. Today I asked Rick to summarize the event. How did the Canada team come out? How did the competition like! ()

Canada brought 14 athletes to the IFA World Championships. In total we collected 2 gold, 5 silver and 3 Bronze.

Although COVID hit the numbers quite hard the competition was excellent. The hotel and venue were great and the tournament ran very smoothly. Many people impressed me during the tournament, but two people stood out.

The first was Cory Miller. Cory was the main man behind the computer brackets and worked long hard hours getting everything set up for the tournament. He then worked the brackets during the competition at times as well. While doing all that he managed to pull off a Gold and Silver in the 78kg class.

Anyone that has organized a tournament and pulled, knows this can take a huge toll on you. Another standout for me was Anthony Lowe.

I had never heard of him before, but he was crushing it; left and right. Hopefully we will see him next year.

Our team were all commenting on the great hospitality that we received during our stay in Florida. From the athletes to the hotel staff, everyone was friendly and great to deal with. The week was very emotional as well. It went from the lows; reading the list of athletes and friends we've lost the past 2 years to the highs of Canadian team singing the national anthem when one wasn't available.

I'd like to finish this off with a huge thank you to Denise Wattles and Leonard Harkless for putting on a great show during these trying times.

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