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Alexandra Ozerova: I like winter sports... >>>

Alexandra Ozerova: I like winter sports... # Armwrestling #

Alexandra Ozerova: I really like winter sports... But don't worry! We'll talk about armwrestling too! PeSzy: I met Alexandra a long time ago, at the European Championships. I remember her duels really well, then we had a short interview. Now... we meet again. Tell me about yourself... ()

My name is Alexandra Ozerova, I'm 29. I've been in armwrestling for 14 years...

Sports achievements:

Champion and medalist of the Russian Championships; silver medalist of European and World Competitions.

Travel to the USA:

In 2018 I moved to the U.S. In America I was invited to Arnold Classic where I met my now-husband and I decided to finally settle down after a while. I often participate in competitions – in national, international and commercial events, I invite others to armfights. It's very interesting to travel the country and meet legendary wrestlers, try your luck with them and receive advice.


I've gained many titles in various armwrestling federations for the past 3 years – WAL, NAL, PAF and others. My last champion title was the IFA World Championships 2021 in Orlando. I won two champion titles. I prepared really hard and it paid off! I brought two golds back home for team USA.


Twenty three countries took part in the championships, exciting and interesting duels. I was happy that IFA, as a new federation, in just 2 years managed to organize world championships with so many sports people from different countries in the difficult reality of the pandemic.

PeSzy: How is European armwrestling different from American armwrestling?

Aleksandra Ozerowa:

There are many armwrestling federations in the USA; there's even sitting armwrestling, the referees are different from the European and it was very noticeable at first – I kept losing. Now I'm used to it and I fight according to local rules. In the U.S. they don't pay too much attention to organizing competitions.

If there's a table, we can duel!


There are some training difficulties, we are not allowed to set up armwrestling tables in fitness centres so we have to train without them.


In 2018 I was invited to Arnold Classic, I really liked America, the improvement perspectives, the climate, and then I also met my husband. Now we live in Miami, Florida.

Typical day:

My typical day looks like this: I study in the morning, I train in the evening. I also spend a lot of time by the Ocean, I meet up with friends, I attend seminars and courses. It often happens that armwrestlers come to Miami to rest, they meet up, talk, duel and have fun.


Immigration changed my life a lot. It was a chance to start my life over but with more knowledge and experience.

My husband:

My husband is a known YouTuber, we're often recognized in the street, people come up for autographs, they take pictures. I'm really happy that we have the opportunity to develop and promote our sport.


Other sports?

I really like winter sports, I used to do cross-country skiing, after injuring my meniscus I had to resign, though. Sometimes I get in my skis again, I haven't lost my skills yet.


Which athlete impressed you the most?

Sarah Beckman is very impressive everytime we get to meet. She's a very effective, strong and technically correct competitor, her duels are really fascinating. Despite her strength, she's a very kind and delicate person, very sociable and polite.


PeSzy: Alexandra, thank you for the interview! I wish you only success in the future!

Alexandra Ozerova: Greetings for the readers!


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