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Daniel Mosier: Rustam is a legend >>>

Daniel Mosier: Rustam is a legend # Armwrestling #

September 5, 2021, Kiev, Ukraine. We saw some beautiful duels, but the fight Daniel Mosier vs Irakli Zirakashvili brought the most excitement. On November 11-13, 2021 Kiev, Ukraine the rival of Daniel Mosier will be Rustam Babayev.TOP8 season 21/22. ()

An interesting conversation between Daniel and Igor Mazurenko after the fight with Zirakashvili can be found here.

PeSzy: Now I will only ask one trivial question: how do you feel before the duel with Rustam?

Daniel Mosier:

Yes I have a fight with Babayev. Rustam is a legend in Armwrestling. I know he is very strong and has wins on pretty much every Armwrestler in the sport! I don’t know if I am at the same level as Rustam but I do have wins on lots of larger and stronger athletes so I hope to do well.

I am training very hard and I will give it my best!

My technique changes with each fight depending on what style my opponent uses so it will depend on what I feel at the table. Different styles of Armwrestling make good matches so it should be interesting! I am currently working to improve power in my hand, wrist, and side pressure.

It is an honor to fight one of the strongest athletes in our sport! To be one of the best you have to complete against the best. I’m looking forward to seeing where I stand among the Top 8 competitors!

PeSzy: Probably everyone knows that I will be supporting this athlet whom I have known for many years. However, I wish both warriors a beautiful and interesting fight!

Daniel Mosier: Thank you and I invite you to watch TOP8!

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