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We are returning to stability! >>>

We are returning to stability! # Armwrestling #

Elena Kuzmych Commentary after TOP8 in Kiev. Elena, thank you so much for your words. Optimism is needed. We can do it! ()

Elena Kuzmych:

It is hard to imagine that we are finally returning to sporting stability. It seemed to me that holding tournaments was the most unrealistic thing and that we would never be able to function properly again. Yes, until recently, everything really looked pessimistic. However, together with the world we have become accustomed to the new rules and rhythm of life.

This past weekend, the armwrestling community had the opportunity to see 4 unrealistically bright armfights. The armfights showed me that none of us forgot about armwrestling, the armfights showed me that each of us has the same burning eyes, and the heart beats in unison with the passion for sports and the will to win.

The day seemed unrealistically emotional. Four most different fights, in which eight are even more different athletes. They are different in their style of fighting, temperament, each with a different strategy, but the only thing that unites them is armwrestling and the desire to win.

I can't characterize the results of the fights because I'm not a sports expert or a spectator who saw everything with his own eyes, being in person at the venue or on the other side of the TV screen.

However, I want to share a behind-the-scenes story with readers. It so happened that due to a number of circumstances, I had to serve all four fights as the chief refferee. A few minutes before the start, I gathered all the participants for a technical seminar.


In addition to the rules of the refereeing, the procedure and other points, I told the participants the following phrase: "A person in a black and white T-shirt at the arm wrestling table is a person without nationality." This phrase is more than important for the general understanding, individual perception of athletes and spectators, and its essence is an axiom for the Professional Armwrestling League.

The fight turned out to be really incredible, worthy of being called a professional fight, and the athletes proved once again that each of them is a professional armwrestler!

I wish everyone to take care of themselves and their relatives, to be healthy, and I also wish everyone to be more active in armwrestling, because on November 28 we are waiting for you in Kyiv to participate in the KYIV OPEN CUP-2021 tournament.

See you!

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