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Tobias Sporrong - Predictions before the fight >>>

Tobias Sporrong - Predictions before the fight # Armwrestling #

On October 30, 2021, a duel will be held in Kiev, which promises to be very interesting. Alex Kurdecha (Poland) vs Tobias Sporrong (Sweden). Get to know the competitor from Sweden closer, I invite you! ()

A few words about me:

My name is Tobias Sporrong, i’m 24 years old and i’m from Sweden. I live in a city called Gävle, 2 hours north of Stockholm. My height is 193cm and my weight is 132kg at the moment.

I started armwrestling 2011 when i was 14 years old when me and some friends got the opportunity to try the sport. we thought it was fun and continued to practice armwrestling regularly. I got better in a fairly short time and tried a few smaller competitions. I managed to win several of them as a beginner, but still did not really see the point of armwrestling nor any future in the sport. I think it was largely the young age that was the reason.


Therefore i quit armwrestling in 2013, and started with only gym training, and continued to do so until 2016, when i found interest and motivation for armwrestling again.

The reason for that was because of my current coach, Anders T Bergström, who runs the gym that i started working out at. He saw potential in me and started to help me with the armwrestling training, and it was at that time my development took off.

May Trainer:

Anders has participated in the olympic games in weightlifting, and is also a weighlifting coach at his gym. I therefore also started to train weightlifting as a complement for armwrestling, for general strength but also to become explosive and improve my coordination.

Anders has knowledge of several sports, which allowed him to help me with armwrestling. He was the first league captain of swedish armwrestling, and was the coach of Krister Jonsson who took the WAF european gold 2001 in the -100 class.

Training method:

The training method that Anders teaches is very different. I’m the only one in Sweden who is trained by him in armwrestling, and i’m very grateful to be a part of this training method as it has given results. 7 swedish national golds. Gold in the WAF european championship 2018, in the youth 21 heavyweight, left arm. 4th place in WAF world championship 2018, in the youth heavyweight, left arm. 2nd place in zloty tur 2019 left arm, and 3rd place in right arm.


Now, almost 2 years after the pandemic, i got a supermatch against Alex Kurdecha. I know he is really strong, and that he has experience from several great matches with opponents such as, Ongarbaev, Trubin, Kostadinov, babayev and considering how he performed against them, I understand what level he is at. This is a big challenge for me that I look forward to and it will show me how far i have come in my career. As I said, I am 24 years old and have many years left in the sport. I am grateful to have been given such an opportunity so early. I think I have a chance to win. I believe in myself and will give everything I have on October 30 in Kiev.

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