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Milos Zeljic: Feel the thrill of a Vendetta! >>>

Milos Zeljic: Feel the thrill of a Vendetta! # Armwrestling #

Milos Zeljic the president of the Serbian Union for the Shoulder: For the first time in our tournament we welcomed representatives from Hungary, Russia and Slovakia who we met last year at the Senec Hand tournament in Slovakia. ()

PeSzy: Tell us about the Cell Games you organized recently. How did it go?

Milos Zeljic: On Sunday, December 19, 2021, the Serbian Armwrestling Union organized the Cell Games Vendetta. We had 25 vendettas, including 10 for amateurs from newly established clubs who showed significant progress and deserved a chance to feel the thrill of a vendetta. At the tournament, we had representatives from seven IFA member countries, namely Russia, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia. For the first time in our tournament we welcomed representatives from Hungary, Russia and Slovakia who we met last year at the Senec Hand tournament in Slovakia.

PeSzy: Were there any obstacles that you had to face?

Milos Zeljic: I organized the tournament during the state of emergency due to Covid in my city – Sabac – which is why I had to organize the whole tournament in just 14 days, including advertising. It was very difficult to get all the permits needed to run the tournament because of that. We even lost the space we had booked for the tournament 5 days before the tournament because the venue did not have enough space for 50 competitors and audience. But I had a spare venue just in case and the tournament was a success.

Moreover, people from another organization in our country again applied dirty measures against us, rebelled, sent threats and started forbidding people to compete with us. They have limited themselves a lot even now. Many of their athletes will come to us. So far so good, I hope for the best.

PeSzy: And what are you up to currently? What are your plans for the upcoming days?

Milos Zeljic: Since we joined IFA, I have met a lot of new competitors, good people and exceptional athletes. After the tournament, we were guests on television, talked about our impressions and announced our plans for 2022. During the New Year's holidays, we rested, recharged our batteries and now we are slowly starting with trainings and realization of plans for 2022. I plan to start doing high school championships in February, state championships in March and European Championships in Poland in April. After the European events, I have planned the World Championships in France. Of course, all my plans depend on how Covid progresses. If all goes well with the other party, the National Championships will be free for all years to come, I reckon that in this way we will be able to find the best among us since everyone will be able to participate with no fee.

During the year we also intend to visit our new friends in Hungary and our friends from Montenegro, who we intend to support in the expansion of sports in their country; I think they are ready to bring sports to another level and join IFA as a member country. We're also planning to visit our friends from Macedonia, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina and of course appear at Senec Hand. These plans include at least 10 more smaller and bigger tournaments in Serbia that we have to do, we will really have our hands full. We plan to raise the level of our sport in our country this year as well, but I will wait with that announcement.

PeSzy: Thank you for the interview! I hope all your plans go through, have a happy and successful 2022!

Milos Zeljic: Thank you! Greetings to everyone!

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