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At the Bears'! # Armwrestling #

In the Orawa “Niedźwiedzie” (Bears) club, something is always happening. I've written about this wonderful place multiple times, a place where sometimes there aren't enough tables for all of them. I've also written about the boss of this club, Kuba Janczy, a seemingly “regular” PE teacher, more than a few times before. Let me write one more time! ()

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Our new FAP Chief Referee Judyta Wiercińska (that I've also told you about many times before) has decided to engage the Orawa athletes into a project... The project is a sort of series of “classes” for referees and, of course, for trainers and sportspeople.


To push the project forward, at least a few “actors” are necessary to recreate a situation. The chosen ones turned out to be Orawa's “Niedzwiedzie”. And it worked out well.

Last weekend Judyta and Paulina appeared “on set”, Kuba encouraged his people and some episodes were recorded (that you will be able to watch soon).


Here's a comment from Judyta:

We had a very intensive weekend in Orawa with Niedźwiedzie. We recorded an entire referee seminar so that the future and learning referees have it easier to prepare!

Together with Paulina Kuźniar we would like to thank Niedźwiedzie for having us over and for successful collaboration in this referee project. For their patience despite hours and hours of recording, for their professional approach and thoroughness as they tried for everything to turn out well, for the great atmosphere and humor despite their tiredness!

You're phenomenal!

What we created is some solid material that we will all make use of!

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