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HELP NEEDED! # Armwrestling #

We have 2 weeks to collect $23279,25 to help our armwrestling friend. You can use Google Pay or credit card. ()

Unfortunately, Damian fell ill, he became very seriously ill. Gastric cancer with metastases, and currently no possibility of undergoing chemotherapy due to health condition. Damian might just not survive it. The current costs of treatment are slowly becoming overwhelmed by its possibilities.

I am asking everyone and everyone to make a voluntary contribution of any amount to help in the treatment of Damian.

Time is at a premium, so the fundraiser will only be active for 2 weeks until February 18th.

Damian, apart from very diligent work in the army, is actively involved in sports. Arm wrestling professionally, with great success.

One of his performances can be seen at this

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