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Important changes! >>>

Important changes! # Armwrestling #

Important changes in armwrestling regulations! Judyta Wiercińska and Paulina Kuźniar, as usual, communicatively present new changes in the regulations. It's necessary to! You must familiarize yourself with it! ()

A few changes to the IFA rules that will be in force for the upcoming Worlds. Here is the link to the video.
Thanks to the Bears!


3.2.5. Any competitor who intentionally lowers their thumb during the set-up in an attempt to have their competitor have a lower grip will be told they are doing so by using the words “thumb up”. The referee will not make the opponent grip any lower. The referee must be certain that the competitor is intentionally lowering their thumb before making the call.


3.2.9.  If one referee calls a win and the other referee calls a foul then the match will be restarted without a call being made.

However if one referee clearly saw both actions and is certain as to what happened first then that call will stand.


3.3.12. A competitor may place their foot on their opponent’s table leg (a competitor’s  table legs correspond to the side of the table they are competing on). However if their opponent does not want it there then the competitor must remove it. Failure to remove it or putting it back after being told not to do so will result in a foul. If the opponent knocks the foot off either intentionally or accidentally the match will continue without a call being made unless the competitor was previously told not to put it there.


3.3.13. A competitor may not place any part of their body below their waist on the top of the table. They will be told to remove it. Failure to remove it will result in a foul.

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