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Igor Mazurenko: I greet my friends! >>>

Igor Mazurenko: I greet my friends! # Armwrestling #

I'm calling Igor to tell you what's going on with him. Our PAL President is in his home town. He is where he was born, raised and grew up. It is a small town and everyone knows each other very well here. ()

Fortunately, now, during the war, this place is not under attack, but daily people from other regions, from places that have been attacked, come to it every day. Igor is there to defend his homeland.
For now, it works in the field of assistance, mainly in logistics, providing space for incoming people and organizing their stay or onward journey.

Other matters include contact and help for Ukrainian sportsmen and their families. The men stay, they fight.

As far as possible, women and children move to Poland. Many people have already found a shelter, a quiet home, a place to live. Everyone wants to return to their homeland ...
We, here in Poland, also help individually and together with the Polish Federation. Everyone according to their capabilities.

We have a lot of support from famous athlets. Special thanks to Levan Saginashvili and Giga Ochkhikidze

You make friends in poverty ...

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