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Tomasz Proc – hyper like a child! >>>

Tomasz Proc – hyper like a child! # Armwrestling #

Our referee, Tomasz Proc, was at the Arnold Classic, as you remember. He told us about it a long time ago, now - a short report. It’s still hot and the emotions are fresh! ()

In the previous article, “Our referee at the Arnold Classic”, Tomasz said:

“On my way to the U.S. to the biggest sports festival in the world. I will be judging Punch Down. I will bring some boring, strict rules to the fun! UFC will also be organizing Punch Down!”

Now for the report:

Tomasz Proc:

As Arnold said: “Nobody has ever drawn so many spectators to the stage in the history of Arnold Classic”. So the USA greeted the Slap Fighting Championships very enthusiastically. From the very morning on the day of the event, good-morning shows kept showing us, advertizing the event, Arnold and Logan (the two co-owners of SFC) drawing even more interest. Fanmio took care the event’s streaming and video aspects and they’re the best in the U.S. when it comes to live sports so success was a given.

Before the event itself we spent hours practising like actors in a theatre. The Americans always want everything to be set and ready and I got right in the middle of American show business. I was hyper like a child to sit next to Arnold, to see Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson in the backstages and the king of body building Ronnie Coleman in the front row. Such amazing figures were everywhere and among them – an armwrestling referee making sure everything is according to the rules.

And now some trivia: one of the competitors and showmen present at SFC was Peter Truchlik “Alligator”, the armwrestler from Jaworzno training with Mariusz Grochowski. We all will get to know Alligator this year, at the Polish Cup where he’s going to fight for gold. He doesn’t lack neither heart nor courage, he’s a real Slovakian fighter!

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