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This will be the only U.S.A. qualifier for the 2022 I.F.A. World championship in Dieppe France later this year. ()

Bulletin by: Sean Boom Hancock

The Tournament: On June 25-26, 2022, The United States Armwrestling Association will host the second annual I.F.A. U.S. National Championship Tournament. The location is in the upscale Westin Hotel and Convention center of Irving Texas.

This will be the only U.S.A. qualifier for the 2022 I.F.A. World championship in Dieppe France later this year.

Only U.S. citizens are allowed to compete in this event. Although this is a world qualifier, athletes are not required to have any certain placement to qualify. The only requirement to qualify to be part of team U.S.A. and compete at the world championship tournament is to simply compete in the U.S. National Championship.

Team USA: Traveling with team USA is an honor that one will never forget. This year in France the team will tour many sites together like the hallowed grounds of Normandy Beach most famously known by Americans as the site of "D-Day" on June 6th, 1944. I personally am looking very forward to seeing this site that most will only see portrayed in the Hollywood war movies. The team will also gain a certain bond of brother and sisterhood. This always happens when we travel together to any foreign country. When we return home, this bond will last. It is something very special that one can't describe. Team U.S.A. captains are Denise Wattles, Sean Hancock, and Corey Miller.

These will be your representatives to help you through most any situation while in France on or off the competition table.

Team Sponsorship: This year team U.S.A. will have something else very cool. All of the competitors that place first in any open division at the U.S. National Championship will receive $1,000.00 USD if they choose to go to the World Championship. This was not made possible by any organization. This is the sole effort and donation from a few individuals that love the sport of arm wrestling. Some of these individuals compete while some do not. No matter where you see them next I ask you to extend your hand to them in a debt of gratitude.

Their names are Devin and Stacy Bair, Bob and Tracy Brown, and Robert Baxter. On behalf of myself and the entire arm wrestling community. Thank you for your donations as many of our top athletes depend on donations like yours to represent our country each year at the world championship. 

Tournament staff: This year we have a referee lineup that just can't be beaten. More often than once I've heard this zebra crew described as the "A-Team". The group consists of Leonard Harkless, Keith Michel, Sean Hancock, Rance Clayton, Bill Onofrey, Pat Beare, and Rick Parlett. The brackets will be operated by none other than Corey Miller and Denise Wattles. 

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