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Natalia Kwiatkowska: This time it all worked out! >>>

Natalia Kwiatkowska: This time it all worked out! # Armwrestling #

Sport has been shaping my personality since I was very young, I got to meet many people, go on trips all around the country and even abroad... I managed to see a lot of the world. ()

Let's turn back time for a moment. There was an interview with Natalia on in 2009. A banal question was asked: Are you satisfied with your start at the European Championships 2009?

An obvious answer – how could she NOT have been satisfied?

Natalia Kwiatkowska: Definitely, I didn't that kind of success.

I think it wasn't me (PeSzy) who was behind this interview because the next question was also banal... What does it feel like to stand on the podium next to the best in Europe?

Natalia said: It's an incredible experience. Before anything else, it gave me great satisfaction and motivated me to work farther.

It's been thirteen years... How time flies. In total, 15 years of competing and training regularly. Time for my banal questions!

PeSzy: Natalia, tell me – have you ever had enough of this whole armwrestling?

Natalia Kwiatkowska: In the past few years, a few times for sure... Especially when I kept losing. But I love the travels, the feeling at events and people whom I got to know thanks to this discipline. Everytime I missed a competition, I regretted it greatly and I always promised myself to make sure to attend the next one.

PeSzy: If you had to sum it up, did sport give or take more from you?

Natalia: You can't really say it's taken anything from me, and it definitely has given me a lot. Sport has been shaping my personality since I was very young, I got to meet many people, go on trips all around the country and even abroad... I managed to see a lot of the world. At first, in middle school, when I was starting my training, I had a lot of time for sport and I never treated it like sacrifice or anything of the sort. When I entered university, however, studying alongside working and training was quite tough so I have to admit I had to set sport aside for a while.

PeSzy: Do you still play soccer?

Natalia: Not anymore...

PeSzy: I remember your starts as a student of a high school in Koszalin (Szesnastka Koszalin club). What do you do nowadays?

Natalia: I graduated from university with a degree in Finance and Accounting, I managed to defend my master's thesis in Economy and now I work as an accountant.

PeSzy: If I can... Have you married?

Natalia: No.

PeSzy: But let's assume, if you hypothetically did and you hypothetically had a daughted.

Would you recommend armwrestling to her?

Natalia: Hypothetically... definitely so. It's a great sport and even better people but she would have to decide on her own if she wanted to train armwrestling or if she'd rather dance, for example.

PeSzy: The European Champion title that you got this year must be the biggest achievement in your career.

Natalia: Definitely! I managed to reach the semi-finals and the finals of European and World Championships a few times but I always lacked something to reach the top of the podium. This time it all worked out! I'm even happier to have beaten Karina Dziech because the last year has been incredibly good for her and she's probably won everything she entered.

PeSzy: Will you rest now? And then perpare for World Championships?

Natalia: I'm resuming my training next week but we'll see if I go to France. But I know I'd love to go.


PeSzy: I hope you're not thinking of ending your career...

Natalia: I will start as long as I'm be able to.


PeSzy: What are your best qualities in sport?

Natalia: Definitely my experience and technique are my strong assets. I'm still working on my strength, I will improve it for the next competition. I also have to train more in straps.

PeSzy: How do you spend your free time?

Natalia: As an accountant, I haven't really had much free time recently. In general, if I manage to squeeze my friends between my training and work then it's great, and in the evenings I'm trying to find some time to at least read a book. I've recently been into “Chyłka” and I've finished all the books already. I think the next title I reach for will be from Remigiusz Mróz as well.


PeSzy: You're currently under Dziki Bielice club but you have to mention that you've grown up sports-wise in UKS-16 Koszalin and for many years it was Jarosław Zwolak who trained you.

Natalia: Of course, it all started from him. If it hadn't been for Jarek Zwolak, I probably wouldn't even know that a sport like this existed!


Thank you for the interview, I would like to bring up one of the questions from 13 years ago to finish up. Who's your armwrestling role model?

Natalia Kwiatkowska: John Brzenk, USA.

PeSzy: Still true?

Natalia Kwiatkowska: Of course, he's a world armwrestling legend.

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