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Patryk Weterle: HUNGER FOR FIGHTS! >>>

Patryk Weterle: HUNGER FOR FIGHTS! # Armwrestling #

You know Patryk from various international events. Read about how hard it was for him to prepare for competition, what role his friends and club played in it. An optimistic story, despite everything. Enjoy! ()

PeSzy: We talked recently, on the 16th of February 2021 [LINK]. I will start with the simplest question - what has been happening in your life, sports-wise but also in private, nowadays?


Patryk Weterle:


A lot has changed since then in both aspects of my life. Let's start with sports. I think that my starts at bigger national events ended on the Polish Championships in Gniew. I prepared a lot for the Polish Cup but I was sent on quarantine a day before the event because I had been in contact with a person infected with Covid, so I couldn't go in the end. I didn't train until Christmas, maybe a little at my work gym.


PeSzy: Did you miss training, your friends and events?


Patryk Weterle: Mostly training because I see my club friends almost non-stop. I also missed starts and I felt hunger for fights. I started preparing for the competition in Jaworzno. The preparations went on, I had a great plan and was getting closer to the event...

Everything went great until a situation arose and I couldn't to. You probably know what happened so I won't mention it.


PeSzy: I know and I understand. How did you cope?


Patryk Weterle: I broke down mentally and physically and I thought I wouldn't start again. I went to the gym, did physical therapy, I worked out in general to stay fit because I never thought I would armwrestle once again that year.

Then Krzysiek Łącki called me and asked if I wanted to start at the European Championships because they wanted to sign me up.

I had so much on my mind I forgot the European Championships were coming.

After a lot of convincing (you know what Krzysiu is like) he managed to persuade me and I'm really grateful!


Krzysztof Łącki:

I'm really proud of Patryk, he manages to stay in sport despite going through hard times. I figured a few years ago that it's easier to cope through sport myself. A club is for gathering people who share a passion so that they can support one another. It's just the beginning of the hard work. He knows what he can fix and what potential improvements he could make. Congratulations Patryk!


How did you approach the Rumia event?


Patryk Weterle:

I honestly only did like 6 armwrestling-oriented trainings. I know that many haters will now say that I was poorly prepared but at least now I know how much of my abilites is taken away from me due to stress after a full-on training camp.


PeSzy: Nobody will hate you! We're all regular people here. Please, continue.


Patryk Weterle: I approached the event with a clear head, very calmly; fun just like Tyson. He kept winning because he had fun. And Mamed, too. He wins because he plays with it and when he wanted to win, he lost! So my motto is: train but play with it. Don't put pressure on yourself, play with the sport, love playing with it.


When it comes to my fights, I really wanted to congratulate my rivals and friends from the podium. They did a great job, amazing progress. Big kudos!


I also wanted to thank team Złoty Orzeł and especially Krzysiek for helping me with preparations and for persuading me to start.

I want to thank my family, my sister, niece, friends, a particular friend who doesn't want to be mentioned by name but definitely knows that I'm talking about him!

I also want to thank all of my coworkers for mental support, for believing I would come back with a medal and I did!


And also great thanks to people who supported me financially in my comeback, it wouldn't have happened without you! I hope to see you in France!


PeSzy: Thanks for the interview.

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