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Mazurenko reveals: He will beat Levan! >>>

Mazurenko reveals: He will beat Levan! # Armwrestling #

Sensational reports from Igor Mazurenko! Only on Igor Mazurenko reveals - who, in the future can beat Levan Saginashvili! ()

Igor Mazurenko is, because of his duty to defend the Fatherland, in Ukraine, in his home town. However, these special conditions do not make him forget about armwrestling. On the contrary! There is time not only for memories and reflections, but also for planning.

Today let's talk about the duel Levan vs Devon.


PeSzy: Igor, who did you bet on in the duel Levan Saginashvili (33 years old) vs Devon Larratt (47 years old)?


Igor Mazurenko: What a question! Only and exclusively and a thousand percent, on Levan. There was no other possibility, there just wasn't. Understand! It's as if Conor McGregor stood in the cage with some celebrity, and the fans were betting whether he would bludgeon him to death or just break his ears. I know a lot of lay people were betting on Devon, but they don't know, they got caught up in the media atmosphere.

What were they hoping for? The only thing you could bet on in this fight is if Devon manages to get a slip for once. Or whether Levan will make an elbow foul. Nothing else!


PeSzy: So was this fight necessary at all?


Igor Mazurenko: It was, since many people got excited about it. It is good that it was. Devon has his fans who will continue to praise him.

PeSzy: Igor, tell me honestly: Is there anyone who can beat Levan?


Igor Mazurenko: There he is! In a few years he, the one, the only one, can win against Levan Saginashvili. He will add a dozen more kilograms and beat Levan!


PeSzy: Let me try to guess... His name starts with A, surname with K... Am I right?


Igor Mazurenko: You guessed it!


PeSzy: Thanks for the interview, and we'll be back soon with a new topic.


Igor Mazurenko: Greetings!

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