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Paul Talbott "The Hillbilly Assassin" story # Armwrestling #

Paul Talbott "The Hillbilly Assassin" story by: Sean Boom Hancock. I want my readers around the globe to take special notice of this month's featured athlete. He is fresh off of his WAL contract jail sentence and ready to prove to the world who the best pound-for-pound puller in America is. Many of the new pullers may know little of "The Assassin" but I will certainly vouch for him. ()

Hello Paul, would you please introduce yourself to our readers?


Hi, thanks for the interview. My name is Paul Talbott Aka Hillbilly Assassin. I am 37 years old, a single father of 3 wonderful girls. I'm from Ohio Valley, Ohio, USA. I have been arm-wrestling for over 12 years. 


What types of things do you enjoy doing outside of arm wrestling?


The things I love to do outside of arm wrestling are lifting weights, hunting, fishing, and riding anything with wheels and a motor. I like camping as well; this is something I usually do while spending time with my 3 daughters which is very important to me.


What is a regular day for you like at home?


A regular day for me starts at 2 am every morning. A good breakfast and coffee are a must. I work a scheduled job followed by gym time/Aw training dinner and bed. On the weekends I travel to train for Armwrestling or go to tournaments.  On the weekends If I have my kids, you can more than likely find us at a bowling alley or a lake fishing and swimming. 


What is your profession outside of arm wrestling?


My regular job - I am a Site Supervisor for Petroleum services. I am in charge of a railroad switching operation at a chemical plant. 

How and when did you get involved with the sport of arm wrestling?


I started Armwrestling in January of 2010. I found Armwrestling on the internet curious if there was a tournament I could enter. I stumbled across the Northeast Armwrestling Message board and from there my journey began. 


What is your arm-wrestling training like?


I train for Armwrestling like everyone else does these days supination, pronation, cupping, and practice. I also train with weights 5 days a week. 

What are the greatest highs of your arm-wrestling career so far?


I could talk about this topic forever. There are so many great moments The greatest High in the Sport of Armwrestling has to be when Todd Hutchins gave me his WAL hammer for defeating him at the 2017 event that was canceled, and he and Devon passed their hammers to anyone that could take it from them.  Or winning 20k at a Wal event. Both are great accomplishments.

  I have pulled so many great legends of the sport. It has been a great ride. 

What is the greatest low of your arm-wrestling career?


The biggest low in the sport would be breaking my left arm in the fall of 2010 and almost losing out on my railroad career. 

What are your future goals for the sport of arm wrestling?


My Future Goal in the Sport of Armwrestling is to be known as the best pound-for-pound left-handed arm wrestler to ever come out of America.  Not pound for pound in one class but all-time baddest dude ever to step up to the table at any weight. I have Been the best 165,176,187, and 198 arm-wrestlers in this country.  I will test the waters in 220s this year and plan to be crowned the best weighing well under 200 pounds.


I know you told me that you live in a very small town in the state of Ohio USA. could you tell our international readers about your hometown and what life is like for you there?


I live In the Ohio Valley along the "flowing mud puddle" Ohio River in the small village of Wellsville. It is a very small town with only 3000 people. It's the typical small town where everyone knows everyone and the best news in town comes from the local barber shop where the gossip never ends.


Well, there is the life of a man that just might be the best pound-for-pound arm wrestler in the USA. He is on a mission and has called out anyone that will pull him. Many of you may remember a story last month about the Louisiana Phenom Jonothon Breda. I am pleased to announce that Breda has accepted the challenge of Talbott, and they will fight in a Vendetta at the Mississippi State Championship Tournament on September 10th, 2022. Jonothon Breda is a very big man and has agreed to come into the fight at 220 pounds. Will this be enough for the lighter challenger of Talbott weighing 185 pounds? If I had any middleweight fighter to pair up with the heavyweight Breda my choice would definitely be The Hillbilly Assassin, Paul Talbott. You guys can watch it on Facebook from the Mississippi Arm Fighter page, or you may also watch it at 


Thanks for the interview, Paul, and thanks to all out there reading,

Until next time, stay safe, pull hard, and God bless,

Boom Hancock

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