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This is the end of the WAF! >>>

This is the end of the WAF! # Armwrestling #

The situation of the two federations existing in our sport was relatively normal. The WAF and the IFA basically stayed out of each other's way. The prevailing pandemic effectively distracted us from other problems. ()

And now we have a war. The sports world, specific people, associations and organizations are turning their backs on Russian and Belarusian athletes. WAF is an exception. By plunging itself, will it also pull our entire sport into the gutter? I hope it won't come to that, but there is such a danger.
We have information that the WAF has invited or allowed athletes from Russia and Belarus to compete in its World Championships (in Turkey).

We read about it on the Ukrainian Federation's website:

„Important information! We've heard some rumors, that WAF want to allow russian and belarus federation to compete on World Championship in Turkey. We want to remind dear WAF, that russian federation have officially supported war in Ukraine and wrote letter to putin with words of support. SUPPORTED to kill Ukrainian childrens, civilian peoples, bombing maternity hospitals, kindergartens, schools. The war continues and every day civilian people die from the occupiers hands.

We categorically declare that it is unacceptable for us, and we will do everything to not make it happen!”

Every war will end at some point. It's not a prophecy, it's a statistic!
They will take off and what? They will stand on the podium under the "gray flag". They will return with medals to their countries and.... will receive financial rewards from their government, their country. Thus: "For the good of the athletes" or for the cash? And what will happen afterwards? Have the WAF authorities thought about it.

How does Elena Kuzmych President of the Ukrainian Federation see the matter? Here is the quote:

I'm worried about the life and health of the russian team at this tournament... Besides, if they have brains, they will not go themselves. And how to act representatives of other countries, I do not know, I just would not fight with them and ignore. But then again, there are countries that are in good political relations with the agesmore country and see nothing wrong with their actions, you cannot get through to them. Another challenge is that the entire informed sports world does not accept athletes from russia in any sport, but the waf is a federation that is at such a low point that its neighbor at the top is Lucifer!

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