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Patryk Kobierski: “Dubai Muscle Show” >>>

Patryk Kobierski: “Dubai Muscle Show” # Armwrestling #

As all of you probably remember, Patryk Kobierski was featured on in 2021, in July, right after Senec Hand. That's when we spoke for the first time. Patryk took the second and third place in the Plus category. ()

Here's the link for those of you who can't remember:


Let me quote the beginning of that interview:

PeSzy: So, it's your debut?

Patryk: Exactly. This is my first armwrestling competition and I want to represent Poland all around the world in the future, and train and duel with various opponents. As a 14-year-old I got into body building. I trained and asked myself: what now? Is this what I want to do for the rest of my life? When I was 17, I saw the movie “Over The Top”...

PeSzy: This sounds very typical, countless competitors have already told me that it was this movie that lured them into this sport!

Patryk: I liked it so much that I already knew: armwrestling is my style, my lifestyle.

Now, into the present. Patryk, what's up?

Patryk Kobierski:

Everything's alright, a lot is going on in my armwrestling world.

I went to Dubai between the 26th and 29th of October for the Dubai Muscle Show. I met my mentors Sabin Badulescu and Cvetan Gashevski in the hotel and we spent some great time together in Dubai. There were two categories – 85 kg and +85 kg, I started in the latter with my 121 kg weight. The event was organized by Larry Wheels and Adam Silver, his Manager. There were 20 competitors in under 85 kg, in my category it was only 11. I lost the first round to Sabin but won the second one against Mohammed Ali Daabul. Unfortunately, I lost the third round as well, to Mazahir Saidu. I placed eight and honestly, I was incredibly upset that I couldn't do better. But now I'm very happy. I now know where I am and what's still ahead of me if I want to become a world champion. Everyone was incredibly strong, they have years of experience and extensive knowledge along with great technique. It was the best decision for me to go.

PeSzy: Thank you for the interview, I wish for all your dreams to come true.

Patryk: Thank you!

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