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From November 14, 2018 ()

Today, on the 14th of November, in Rumia, the competitors of Vendetta All Stars #50 are starting to arrive. It's hard to hide the tears in everyone's eyes - everyone already knows about the tragedy. The Vendetta All Stars #50 athletes dedicate their fights to him - the unforgotten and biggest Armwrestler - Andrey Pushkar. We will never forget Him!

Andrey Pushkar, a great Master, great Sportsman, the Champion of Ukraine, the multiple Champion of Europe and the World, competitor of Vendetta All Stars - passed away in a tragic car accident on his way to the airport.

The car to Lviv carried Andrey Pushkar, Oleg Zhokh and Oleg's father. Both athletes were on their way to Vendetta All Stars #50.

Along with Andrey, Oleg's father also passed away tragically. Oleg is currently in a coma, he has multiple fractures and injuries. He's fighting for his life.

The doctors say his young body has a great chance for recovery.

Condolences keep coming from all around the world.

Andrey was only 33, he was at the peak of his sports career. His death is undoubtedly a great loss to Ukrainian and World armwrestling, and to the entire sports world. Andrey was a model and teacher for many sportspeople, his career was a huge inspiration to them.

For Igor Mazurenko, his passing is especially difficult because they were great friends. We could see a video online where the PAL President promises to hold out Andrey's last duel. As you know, it was supposed to happen on the 18th of November.

It's a tragedy for all armwrestling people in the world. 

Our task now is to hold the tournament with great professionalism and in good spirits, just like Andrey lived and what he dedicated his life to.

Andrey Pushkar's strength will be with us here, now, in Rumia.

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