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Mazurenko – 140 kg vs 73 kg! >>>

Mazurenko – 140 kg vs 73 kg! # Armwrestling #

I invite you to watch the video from years ago! It talks about the beginnings of Polish armwrestling. How did the big and strong Igor lose to a guy who looks like a cyclist? Armwrestling is armwrestling - here, pure strength and weight are not enough. Enjoy! ()

The video was made in 2011. Igor responds. So how old is "Złoty Tur"? Złoty Tur is a club in Poland, and it's also a world-renowned tournament that Igor created. Listen to this!

Igor Mazurenko weighed 140 kg back then but I believe it was even more. On top of that, he was insanely strong. There was no machine he wouldn't max, and he often even added more to his exercises. He trained one bicep on machines that were supposed to be used with both. I saw it myself a few times. He was insanely strong and... younger, which also matters.


Somehow, news of him reached Lviv. A rival appeared. Igor accepted and went to Ukraine, but then he saw the rival. Grygorij Bondaruk was much shorter and twice lighter than him. A very nice guy, physically - a cyclist.

And what then? Igor lost with his left arm, then his right arm, and then again and again. And that's how armwrestling was born in Poland! The first club... A great place. Nothing grand. A supplement store. One table...

The first International Zloty Tur Cup took place in 2000 in Gdynia. Five women and twenty-nine men met up in Gdynia's Tornado at the very first Zloty Tur tournament. There were 10 categories and, of course, the most important one was OPEN. Nobody could win against Igor's past rival, Grygorij Bondaruk who won both under 81 kg and OPEN. This small man had no difficulties winning against men who could make your heart beat faster in fear from just looking at them.





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