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Theoretically, everyone knows Boguś Zdanowski. I've written about him in March 2021 when the virus was still scary and everyone appeared masked in photos. Beautiful times! We were mostly talking about his success and fights. Time to introduce Boguś properly – we might not know him that well, after all! ()

Sometimes, I see more than the referees!”

says Boguś Zdanowski!

PeSzy: Let's start with a classic – how long have you been in armwrestling?

Boguś Zdanowski: Hello everyone, first I would like to greet all the members of ARMFIGHT club and the Boniewo borough! As for the question – it's been nine years now!

In 2013 I took part in “Debiuty” in Konin and I started training the same year, in the previously mentioned Boniewo with my friends Miłosz Waliszewski and Kuba and Bartkiem Łuczak. All the best to them because they were the people who helped me start my journey!

What about the camera? Hmmm: six years ago when I won a video contest and received my first amateur equipment that I later on used for years, including during the 2016 Konin “Debiuty”. This was my first recorded tournament and the beginning of my journey with armwrestling videos. In May 2017, I started a channel aboud armwrestling and my passion, “beardarmwrestler” (previously by the name “armwrestling blog”), where I gradually improved as both an athlete and a cameraman.


I invite all of you to my channel where you can see a lot of tournaments in Poland and abroad, some sparrings and a few of my personal thoughts and vlogs.


PeSzy: I also recommend this channel!

Boguś: Please, subscribe if you like the content. If the channel develops, I will have more opportunities to record videos during tournaments, trainings and other events connected with armwrestling in Poland, and later on, maybe even internationally.


PeSzy: How do you connect these two passions?

Boguś: When it comes to competitions, it's very difficult to focus on recording, then suddenly get on stage to fight my own battle, only to run for the camera again once it's over. I often don't have time for a proper warm-up (so I try to do it behind the camera) but I don't think I would ever change it for anything else. That's just who I am and I want everything to be recorded, I want to see the fights up close and show my perspective to others via YouTube videos. My concentration is a little off because of that but I think I can still manage pretty well despite that.

I often suffer from pain in my right shoulder blade from staying in one position with the camera for too long, and I also have some issues with my rotators from armwrestling. But I won't complain!

PeSzy: You often see through the lens of a camera. Please, tell us something about it.

Boguś Zdanowski: Because I really see a lot, I see how a given athlete fights, where they make mistakes, I often feel tempted to shout “elbow foul!” or “false start!”. Sometimes I see more than the referees. I also feel like I don't just lose from being so close to the action but I also gain some, too.


PeSzy: Boguś, the season 2022 is behind us. What are your thoughts? What will you remember?


Boguś: The most prominent memory of this season? It's hard to tell for sure, there were many great fights. I don't know if I'm even able to name them all. One of them was definitely Artur Krupa vs Oleksandr Cherniak at the Polish Cup (right arm) when Artur was already doomed but managed to win. That was a great example of how you should never give up and that many difficult situations can still be overcome.


A different fight – the IFA World Championship in France, 95kg right arm finals. Our Jurek entered the finals without a loss, he won over the Georgian representative easily in the qualifiers. In the finals, though, the Georgian came out victorious twice after fighting a hard battle and coming up with a new strategy. What I liked about this one the most was not the fight itself but the pure joy on the athlete's face when he won despite having lost before in the qualifiers. Again – determination and grit played a huge role in all of it.


And last but not least:


The entire Vendetta of these two young armwrestlers. Great cheering from Kuba Janczy and his Niedźwiedzie. And the duel itself, too, of course! Many plot twists, great technical preparation and even greater strength of both athletes. This fight was definitely one I watched while holding my breath in anticipation.


PeSzy: A few more sentences about filming. And please, make it a self-promo that I will only sign under!


Boguś: I film not just our tournaments. I also work with a camera for a living now. These days I prepare short video reports for the Polish Press Agency. But I'm always open to new work in the film industry. Commercials, promotional videos, short documentaries, even fiction. I would also love to work with a big-budget wildlife documentary but it's just a little dream of mine.

So, if anyone needs a video or a film – feel free to reach out to me!


PeSzy: I highly recommend Boguś to everyone! Thank you for the interview, I will also let you know if I need anything.


Boguś: All the best to all armwrestlers, my friends and rivals!

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