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Attention! I have an important announcement to make! >>>

Attention! I have an important announcement to make! # Armwrestling #

Everyone in Poland is already anticipating the upcoming Polish Championships – that’s why we’re publishing this article. I hope the advice is useful to you, too. ()

The Polish Championships are just around the corner, and it seems like they should be very exciting sports-wise. Most of the competitors are now regenerating. Tomasz Proc tells us how to regenerate more effectively and improve our competition form.

PeSzy: I wrote about decreasing weight in martial arts many times. This time, I asked Tomek for advice for those who aren’t working on their weight but still want to be better prepared for the competition. All things matter!

Tomasz Proc:

The Polish Championships in Cieszyn will take place in two weeks and now we’re all stopping the hard training and focusing on resting and regeneration to show our best skills at the table.

What should we focus on during this time? Well, about food that gives us strength and allows our bodies to return to homeostasis. The base of our diet in this period should be proteins that should (or even must) be present in all of our meals.

The meals should be regular, every 3 hours or so. We should also drink 3 to 5 liters of water a day and eat carbs from potatoes, oatmeals or al dente pasta.

Let’s avoid deep-fried and oily dishes. Moreover, vegetables and fruit should be found in our daily diets, too.

However, one of the most important things is sleep because that’s when we truly regenerate. Our bodies produce the growth hormone when we sleep and it fixes our torn muscles and ligaments, so sleeping well in this period is the key to success.


What’s important: we have to avoid alcohol! Even the tiniest bits disrupt our sleep cycle and negatively influence regeneration.

There’s no such thing as a “healthy dose of alcohol”! And right before walking on stage, I recommend eating chocolate or grapes.

See you in Cieszyn!

Tomasz Proc: chef, dietetitian, armwrestling referee, a passionate sportsman.

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