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Kamil Jabłoński: "Hard choice” >>>

Kamil Jabłoński: "Hard choice” # Armwrestling #

Sometimes in the life of a sportsperson comes a time when they have to choose between two career paths. It's hard but sometimes there is no other way. I hope the choice is not definite. Enjoy! ()

Kamil Jabłoński has been one of the top armwrestlers in Poland, Europe and the world. I've decided to ask him before the upcoming Polish Championships in Cieszyn if he's going to participate, and the answer was no. Why? Kamil will tell us:

Kamil Jabłoński: After long consideration I've come to a conclusion that I've already got everything in IFA and I'm the best in the URPA ranking, too.

I wanted to participate in an event where the level is a little higher and where I can fight with the best - so the Babayev Cup, where you could win qualifications to other competitions, East vs West Vendettas, but they didn't let me because I'm from IFA.

PeSzy: You had to make a choice...

Kamil: I had to work it out somehow. I signed out of the Polish Federation and I'm no longer an IFA or PAF athlete.

That's why they let me compete in Italy where I qualified to the East vs West, I managed to win with top WAF competitors.

I'm incredibly sorry but as long as Poland is in IFA, you won't see me at the table at any competition...

I work very hard and I'm happy I can kick the asses of the world's best of best! My next event is in Turkey (May 5). The best from Europe will fight to get into Vendettas with the best of USA, for the East vs West 8.

PeSzy: Kamil – thank you for the interview. I only want to add that divisions in sport are never in favor of the said sport. However, it can't be avoided. One way or another, we will support you. And IFA never makes issues like this and never looks at who fights where.

Kamil: All the best. I had no intention of hiding my choice. Let everyone know. Maybe it will change something...

PeSzy: There's nothing to do now... All the best!

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