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Swedish team is built of heroes! >>>

Swedish team is built of heroes! # Armwrestling #

I asked the captain of the Swedish team a few questions to summarize the recent European Championships. ()

A bit like in the interview [link] with the captain of the Finnish Team.

Biggest surprise”, “Best nation”, “Biggest Losses”

Daniel Augustsson: I vote!


Cristian Mendez and Jimmie Wiklund who were injured and have rehabilitation ahead of them.

The nation's hero in my eyes. The community that creates a winning force, Siba Sjödin who was always by my side and supported, Kristian Wiklund who contributes through his presence and joy, the list can be made long as the entire national team is as important as their leader.


“Best Nation” for us was very surprising as we know how much strength there is in other nations and what team Finland fielded. Jimmie and Cristian were for us two strong losses due to their injuries.


To name a “Hero” is completely impossible for me as the Swedish team is built of heroes. My assistant national team captain Siba helped with our big team perfectly. But are we heroes for doing our job? No, I don't think so, but we are there to help the heroes reach their goals.

I am a hero?

I know that in many eyes I am a hero as I both coached and competed myself. But I'm just one of the team and I do my part just like everyone else.


PeSzy: How long have you been fighting for the Swedish national team?
Daniel Augustsson: I started with arm wrestling in 2003 when I started the Skänninge Arm wrestling club. In 2006 I made my debut in the national team but was not ready at all. After that I had a break from the national team until 2018 and after that I have competed at both EC and VC.


PeSzy: Did anything surprise you during these Championships?

Daniel Augustsson: The result that surprised me personally the most was Tobias Axelsson from my club who won -70 left arm. The reason why it surprises me is that he does not believe in his own capacity in the left.


PeSzy: Thanks for the interview and see you at the competition.

Opinion from Marcin Mielniczuk:

From the side of the organizer of the competition and the part related to the secretariat of the competition, I must say that the team of Sweden (as well as other Scandinavian countries) is exceptional. It is one of the few teams that is always remembered for its professional approach to the competition and the discipline that prevails in their ranks. In addition, they are one of the few who cheer each other on. And it's not about single cheers, but full "team" cheering. Cheers of "Svergie" made by 40 people at once gives goosebumps.

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