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Aku Moksi: Sometimes I lost and sometimes I won! >>>

Aku Moksi: Sometimes I lost and sometimes I won! # Armwrestling #

When I asked the captain of the Finnish team about the "Biggest Surprises" in the team at the past European Championships, he replied: ()

Ville Mutikainen:

Someone may say that it was surprise that Aku Moksi took European Champion title by left arm in -78 kg category, but for me it was not surprise at all. Aku is Rising Star and the future of Finnish armwrestling. Absolutely amazing young men.”

So you will meet this athlete:

Aku Moksi - How did it start?

I was very excited about armwrestling from very young age. I heard that my dad was unbeatable in armwrestling when I was young and ofcourse that why I also wanted to also be the best armwrestler. I started armwrestling with who ever was willing to armwrestle. Sometimes I lost and sometimes I won. But when the time went on and I started lifting weights I beging the best armwrestler that I knew. Soon after I was unbeatble in the ”streets” or more likely in the night clubs. I heard that armwrestling is really a sport. I googled it and found armwrestling club from Helsinki. I was very exited to go into armwrestling practises, and I was sure that I am least deasend at it sense I had background of freestyle wrestling, rock climbing, lifting weights and working on my dad’s mechanich shop.

But after first practise I realized that there wasn’t anyone who I could beat!

I got better and made some good friends!

During the first 6 months I only trained at Helsingin atleettiklubi. Which is also the oldest weightlifting club in Finland. During the first 6 months it was more like time to time hobby. I got better and made some good friends like Topi Juvonen who was also many times Finnish heavyweight champion. After this period I had one competition which was one of the biggest competition in Finland and I got third on my right hand. After that everything changed many people who I looked up in the sport told me that I could be good if I just kept going and that is probabobly the biggest reason I got very excited about the sport. My table time doubled from once in a week to twice in a week.

I started training also with Jussi Koskinen who many people in Finland (inclueding me) thinks is the best coach in Finland. Difference between trainings with Topi and Jussi was clear. With Jussi I was always made to pull only toproll and with Topi it was always deep hooking But for not training both every day was probably the key for being able to pull twice a week.

I got stronger and stonger...

Then many years went on I got stronger and stonger. Made some new friends and got to learn from all the best in Finland. In Finland, we have many good pullers techically but you need to travel a lot to get to them. But all that traveling paid off at the end.

My dad has always made me work...

I have few big things In my mind that have made me the armwrestler that I am today. First I have allways worked on my hands sence I was a kid. My dad has always made me work. Wrestling in the USA high school made me very humble and after that I didn’ fear of loosing any more. Rockclimbing and lifting weights made me good overall muscle srength. I have runned a lot because of the military training that we need to have in Finland. What makes runnung so important is that your arms and specially joints recovers faster when you make the blood run in the arms. Also I have done many other sports at the same time example Crossfit and American football and No gi Wrestling. For me sports are way of controlling the life and armwrestling has given me now more than anyother sports. Lots of nice people and good memories. Now four years are doke with the sport next step is the Maleysia worlds which will be the last time for me to compete in 78.


If anyone is interested about my lifts. I can snacht 90 kg; clean 120 kg; jerk 115 kg bench 150 kg. Table bicept curl 65 kg, do 3 one arm pullups and I have run a marathon.

I am 23 years I study in Vaasa uni, Economics. I run bussined with 3D-Printing. No wife no kids I go to chucrs on sundays. Like to play chess and pool I have hobby of making dining tables. Thanks for the interview. I'm glad I could introduce you to our readers!


Aku: Also thank you and best regards!

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