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Is this really surprising? >>>

Is this really surprising? # Armwrestling #

If we went through the archives, not really. It's not surprising that the multiple Ukrainian Champion and Zloty Tur competitor, World and European Championships medalist won. There was, in fact, a break in his career and it's true that he appeared pretty suddenly. Let's talk about that! ()

PeSzy: How come you appeared at the Łochów competition?


Denis Guriew : Konrad Jaworowski invited me. How do I know him? When I came to Warsaw, I contacted Alex Kurdecha. That's how it all went down, I found out where the Warsaw clubs are. I met Boguś Zdanowski, Konrad, Marcin Lachowicz. I visited some clubs and started training. Now I train in Armfight Piaseczno and work out in Calypso Wilanów.


PeSzy: Since when have you been in Poland?


Denis: I came in February. I was planning to open a rehab center for kids with cerebral paralysis. That's my job.


PeSzy: That's a calling, not a job!


Denis: You could say that. There's a personal aspect to it, too, because my son is also one of the kids I work with. I have always wanted to help children and I travelled to many countries to study because of that.

PeSzy: Let's come back to armwrestling. When and where did you start fighting?


Denis: I picked up armwrestling around the year 2000 when I was 14, under the supervision of Galashko Ołeksandr in Kharkiv. As of now I'm a sevenfold Ukrainian Champion, a junior World and European medalist. I also took part in the Nemiroff World Cup a few times.

I started in 57 kg and then climbed up to about 100 kg.

Before coming to Poland, I lived in Kharkiv and after the war started I lived in Ivano-Frankivs'k for a year. I gave up on armwrestling for a year and a half because of the war. But after coming to Poland I wanted to train and grow in armwrestling again. I want to thank all Warsaw sportsmen for the honest and friendly atmosphere that inspired me to grow!

PeSzy: Since you trained with Galashko Ołeksandr - are you one of the guys from the "Good Old Arm School in Ukraine"? If yes - is there anything that makes Ukrainian armwresting stand out in comparison to others?


Denis: Ukrainian armwrestling is different because of the "sportsmen fanatizm", a huge amount of knowledge and experience within coaches and the constant analysis and improvement of training methods.

PeSzy: Who was or still is an armwrestling father figure for you?


Denis: I'm not a fan of anyone in armwrestling nor in real life but I respect John Brzenk a lot. Also Igor Mazurenko, he put a lot of effort in the development and promotion of armwrestling.


PeSzy: I believe you will live and work in Poland now. What are your sports plans?


Denis: I still haven't decided yet, I want to get back in shape and then get ready for some good competition.


PeSzy: Thank you for the interview. Good luck in work, life and sports!

Denis: All the best to Polish armwrestlers!!!

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