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Konrad Gaca: I don't believe in talent! >>>

Konrad Gaca: I don't believe in talent! # Armwrestling #

Good morning! The winner of this year's Hel Championships, right arm, +90kg – Konrad Gaca. He won with Adrian Cirocki and Grzegorz Grębski, among others. He's back? Well, read and find out! ()

Konrad Gaca: So, it happened. I'm back to armwrestling after 16 years.


PeSzy: Why?


Konrad: It's a niche but very exciting discipline. It pushes a man to care about himself. Ever since I got back to training, I've been eating better, I move and sleep more. This by itself is enough to make me want to come back. In times of endless, mindless striving to move forward, the basic but extremely important parts of our lives are neglected and it usually ends up badly for people who disregard their importance. I, myself, was guilty of that, too, so I'm trying to change it.


PeSzy: Sixteen years ago, you were one of the top. Why'd you resign?


Konrad: Other responsibilities, university (political studies and English philology), then my career (English academy).

I left by winning the Professional League, being the top as one of the 5 best Polish armwrestlers. I gave up the two times I was selected to represent the national team in favour of my friend because the European Championships coincided with my university exam session.


PeSzy: Sixteen years... What's changed in armwrestling and in your life during that time?


Konrad: A lot. I graduated, started a family, set up a business. Polish armwrestling has been developing during that time, too. The events are better, we have athletes who are World Champions, serious and hard-working clubs.




Really! To win the Polish Championships, you sometimes need to beat the World Champion. So my goal for the Hel event was to win one fight. It seemed rational since I've only been training for 5 months.


PeSzy: So it was shocking...


Konrad: What happened on the day of the competition was unbelievable. I only lost with my left arm to the sevenfold Ukrainian champion (and that's good, Ukraine MUST win). I only signed up for my right arm last minute because I couldn't train it for 2 months (due to an injury) and I won the first place.


A big thank-you to Przemo (Przemysław Grzenkowicz) who was and is once again my irreplaceable sparring partner. I would also like to thank the athletes I train with on a daily basis for their support and I wish them all the best at the table.

But, of course, the biggest thank-yous should go to my family: my wife Asia, my lovely children, Alusia and Staś, for their faith in their husband and dad who finally proved that vegetables truly give you power.


PeSzy: What are your plans now?

Konrad: I made the first step. The next one will be the Polish Cup (around autumn). I think the only way you can succeed in life is by working hard so no more excuses now.

I don't believe in talent. It can give us maybe up to 30% of our results. The rest is honest and regular work, and faith in success.

PeSzy: Thank you! I somehow felt much younger now...

Konrad: Thank you and see you at future competitions!

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