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Artur Głowiński: "I'm proud!” >>>

Artur Głowiński: "I'm proud!” # Armwrestling #

The Armwrestling legend Artur Głowiński of Choszczno "Złoty Orzeł" says about his disciple: "I'm proud!". We talked about the Over The Top tournament that they both took part in. ()

And still, not so long ago... In 2016 I wrote about Kacper Sinica that he's a "junior with a bright future". Take a look at the article - time truly flies!


PeSzy: Artur, tell us about your start at Over The Top 2023.


Artur: Over The Top was held on the 12th of August in Wolfsburg, Germany. I started in +80 kg Masters (2nd place) and 100 kg senior (4th place). I'm satisfied with this result. Masters were first and I fought well there, losing only to Roland from Germany. But it wasn't easy for him. I fought until the end and lost a lot of energy.

Starting in Seniors I was already a little tired. First, they lost my registration card and I had to intervene with Wiesiek Rzanny.

The first round was already running and they added me to it just like that. Their ladder system is much different and until the very end you don't know who will fight with who. I did well in the fights and I got to Kacper Sinica without a loss. I thought it was a duel for the finals but they do it differently in Germany.


I lost to Kacper but now he's an untouchable armwrestler! My disciple that I'm proud of!


I thought I had the semifinals but no. I was fighting with a Danish 22-year-old who I lost to. I won with him twice in Denmark recently but I was already tired in Germany. But I want to congratulate him on two silvers in 100kg and Open! I'm really happy that I can fight again!!! Remember, it doesn't matter how old we are, let's stop being afraid to make our dreams come true! All the best to everyone!

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