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Kamil Jabłoński: New Challenges for the New Year! >>>

Kamil Jabłoński: New Challenges for the New Year! # Armwrestling #

I don't need to introduce Kamil. Soon, he will face two very important battles. You'll read about them in a second. Kamil sums up the old year and talks about his plans for 2024. Enjoy! ()

Breaking news: January 7, 2024
Kamil won!

PeSzy: Hi Kamil! One silly question: how was the last year for you, sports-wise

Kamil Jabłoński: I took a big step forward in 2023, I think most of you know what I'm talking about but maybe not all of you so I'll remind you.

PeSzy: Everyone knows but just in case, please tell us.

Kamil: I signed out of the Polish Federation, a part of IFA, and I was able to participate in the WAF tournament in Italy, in March, where I was able to win the East vs West qualifications, with my left and right arm. I had a tough fight with Kalinichenko with my right arm and I damaged it a lot while also losing. After that, I had a fight with Kyle Hutchison and I lost that too, so I placed third. It took me over a month to "fix" my arm. Analysing the duel helped me fix my technique as well and eliminate the mistake I had done with Kalinichenko.

For the next event, I went to Croatia for the World Championships in July, I started with my left arm only and won. I took the gold, winning with Rino Masic, the World Champion in 100kg. I didn't want to strain my still healing right arm which turned out to be the right decision because I kept training it until I got the last-minute chance for a duel with the American Legend, Dave Chaffee.

I came out of nowhere, with a two-week notice, and I won.

The armwrestling world was shocked but most just assumed that Dave was very injured and that's why he lost to "some Jabłoński dude". The East vs West representative saw it, however, and decided to give me a chance to try the Russian Legend, Ivan Matyushenko, at his event. I knew in my heart that it was the worst opponent I could ever get and that's why I lost 3-0 but gained lots of experienca that will influence my future. Now my right arm is resting from press but I'm working on my bicep with the help and advice of Master Ivan M. In America I said I wanted to show them my left arm and I managed to land a fight with someone from the top, KodMerritt. The duel will take place on 6.01.2024.

A week or two ago, Devon Larratt and I took a video that we should have a Vendetta because I'm ready to win with him with my left arm. Two days ago Devon said that nobody in America wants to fight with him and I'll be in the States at the time. Let's say, on the other side of the States, but that's still closer than now.

I think I can win with him.

Finally, it's coming true now.

I'll fight Kody Merritt on the 6th and Devon Larratt on the 8th.

I'm so hyped and I know I can win with them.

Now I'm focusing on relaxing my head and resting. Keep your fingers crossed, if I believe it then you also have to!

All the best to Golden Dragon!


PeSzy: We're waiting for the duels then. Good luck!

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