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Viachaslau Kuksa: I will become a famous armwrestler! >>>

Viachaslau Kuksa: I will become a famous armwrestler! # Armwrestling #

He took the gold medal with his right arm in 86 at the Polish Cup 2023 and placed 4th with his left. He defeated Darek Groch, although a little under the weather, but still. Someone suggested that a Vendetta should be in the making right now. The only question is when, where and how much money will be on the table. I would love to see that fight. Meet Sława Kuksa. ()

Viachaslau (Sława) Kuksa:

I'm 27 and come from Belarus, my late father was Polish. I moved to Poland (Wroclaw) for good in 2020.

PeSzy: You haven't been an armwrestler for long but I can tell you've been a sportsman for a long time – I just don't know which sport.

Sława: I did Street Workout for 11 years.

PeSzy: And what did you achieve?

Sława: I became the Champion of Belarus a few times and I got into the World Championship finals three times, too.

PeSzy: Nice. Why did you quit?

Sława: Health reasons. It's a discipline for the youngsters.

PeSzy: And how did you get into armwrestling?

Sława: I became interested in armwrestling a few years ago and when I settled in Wroclaw, I met Pawel Grabas and the club. I started to train two years ago. I debuted at the Cracow Championships and I was completely defeated. Then I participated in the Miedzychod Championships and did a little better, a few won duels. Then, my third event, the Polish Amateur Championships, where I got into the finals with my left arm but lost due to faults. I saw then that I lacked lots of experience. But I started to understand a little... That's when I decided it was time to start fighting professionals.

PeSzy: You mostly lost, I figure.

Sława: Of course! I once got to stand on the podium, though, in Gdansk, in 86 kg.

PeSzy: You have calisthenics experience. Does it matter in our sport?

Sława: A lot! You also have to get to know the technique in calisthenics, and it's very difficult. I learnt everything by myself. I watched, analysed.

PeSzy: What do your trainings look like?

Sława: First of all, 100% of the time at the table. Second, I always add weights and train to the peak of my abilities. I test out different handles, take notes and track progress. I analyse my regeneration time, how to increase weight.

PeSzy: How did you get to know Paulina Janoszka?

Sława: We met through calisthenics and I invited her to try armwrestling. Her potential is amazing.

PeSzy: What does your typical day look like?

Sława: Work, training, regeneration, everything for my big plan which is to become a famous armwrestler! Everyday I try to do more, add some weight or increase the number of reps. This is what's best about armwrestling! You can become stronger, better.

I also record videos, edit them and post them online.

PeSzy: Thank you for the interview, I'm looking forward to your fight with Darek Groch!

Sława: Thanks, all the best to everyone and I invite you to check out my channel.

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