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WAC 78 kg - DIMITRIS FILIKIDIS # Armwrestling #

You have known him very well for many years. Leading athlete of the Greek team. A very important person in Greek armwrestling. A few days ago, Igor Mazurenko called Dimitris with a proposal to participate in the WAC in Dubai. ()

PeSzy: DIMITRIS, how did you react to Igor's call and offer to participate in the Dubai?

DIMITRIS: I accepted Igor Mazurenko's proposal with great joy, and immediately started training. I understand that the level will be very high and I have to be as good as possible.

PeSzy: Do you know your rivals?

DIMITRIS: I know most of the athletes and I have competed with some of them before.

PeSzy: What technique do you focus on?

DIMITRIS: My strengths I think are the side press, my weakness is endurance and that's what I focus on the most.

PeSzy: You can choose not to respond.

What is more important to you: money or fame?

DIMITRIS: Certainly the most important thing is the prestige because athletes with a long history participate and to win such

a tournament is a very big feat.


PeSzy: Thanks for the interview!

DIMITRIS: Greetings to Greek armwrestlers


The stakes are high, admit it:

78 kg

1. Roman Riabtsev (Ukraine)

2. Artur Krupa (Poland)

3. Cvetan Gashevski (Bulgaria)

4. Vileni Gabrava (Georgia)

5. Dimitris Filikidis (Greece)

6. Monoj Debate (India)

7. Vazgen Sogoyan (USA)

8. Abylay Zhanymkhan (Kazakhstan)

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