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Yuliia Mukha: "Sport is my life!" >>>

Yuliia Mukha: "Sport is my life!" # Armwrestling #

She couldn't refuse! She's coming back to the table! ()

WAC: Introducing the female athlets! Today, the first of eight rivals in... World Armfight Championship 1, April 27, 2024

Yuliia Mukha (Ukraina)

Age: 24

Height: 160

Hometown: Lutsk, Ukraine. Now I live in the Czech Republic. I train alone in the gym. Sparring takes place in Brno in the gym “Big one”.

Coach: Igor Mazurenko

Achievements in armwrestling:

Second at the World Championship on the right hand;

Three-time bronze World Champion on the right and left hand;

Two-time European Champion on the right and left hand;

Four-time Ukrainian right-handed and left-handed champion;

[Federation WAF]

About me:

I love to travel, I dream of visiting as many interesting places as possible. I am inspired by aesthetic places, nature, the sea! I am also interested in self-development and psychology.

Despite a break of 4 years in armwrestling, I returned! Sport is my life!

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