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Time For Changes! # Armwrestling #

Sensational decision regarding the referees! Do you already know? Read before it's too late! Attention! ()

Attention all armwrestling judges! Short time to react!

Tonight, the Supreme Committee of the World Armwrestling Organization introduced drastic changes! They will concern judges' attire.

What is the justification? Scientists from the School of Sport Psychology found after long research that vertical patterns arouse aggression. Tests conducted on the research group showed that horizontal patterns have a soothing and relaxing effect on the psyche.

Therefore, from today, judges' uniforms will be black and white stripes, as before, but arranged horizontally.

Many manufacturers have already started producing new, prescribed clothes.

There are also opponents of this project. For example, Kasza Bibiszon, but we hope that the others will welcome this project.

Remember! Mental health is just as important as strength and endurance.

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