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It's hard to believe, but Krysitan sees it this way... ()

WAC: Introducing the female athlets! Today, the third of eight rivals in... World Armfight Championship 1, April 27, 2024

Age: 34

Height: 162 cm

Current weight: 51 kg

Club: Storuman Armsport

Most important achievements: Swedish championship - 13 gold medals left and right arm (after this weekend, maybe 2 more); WAF European championship - 3 bronze medals (right arm); WAF world championship - 1 bronze medal (right arm); IFA World championship - 1 silver (right arm), 1 bronze (left arm) Zloty Tur - 2 bronze medals (left and right arm) WAL - win against Valarie Beach (right arm).

Hobbies: spend time in the nature, film and reading No specific coach.

Kristian Wiklund. Let's give him a voice:

I met Jonna at the end of 2012 and I immediately thought she would be an excellent athlet. She defeated many Swedish competitors not only in her weight category, but also from higher weights.

She has already won against such athlets as: Maryna Levchenko, Anastasiia Goncharenko, Elina Persson, Victoria Karlsson, Diana Khubaeva, Valerie Beach, Maria Lundkvist, Elin Janeheim, Bella Batchaeva. This list is not complete! I support Jonnie because she comes from Sweden and is one of my closest friends in sports and privately. I also appreciate how she literally "burns" with passion for sport and sympathy for the people of our sport. She captivates the audience. However, in battle he has the eyes of a tiger. She has a "killer instinct" and versatile technique. Some girls from this card are clear favorites, for example: Yoko Yamada, Yuliia Tochynska... However, I am betting on Jonna! Even though I won't be able to be there in person to see it live, I will still be cheering as loud as possible so that it can be heard from Sweden to Dubai where these amazing fights will take place! Good luck, Jonna, you make me and Sweden proud! If you have the opportunity to see it live, I highly recommend it, you won't regret it!

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