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ORAWA ARMWRESTLING CHALLENGE II It’s going to be international! >>>

ORAWA ARMWRESTLING CHALLENGE II It’s going to be international! # Armwrestling #

It seems that a line-up coming to the second tournament in Jabłonka Orawska would be rather international. The organizers have applications from Check Republic, Slovakia and Russia and probably Hungary. ()

– “Everyone asks about Andrey Pushkar’s presence”- says the originator of the tournament Jakub Janczy. – “We’re not sure, as not only he can still be resting after twelve rounds in Las Vegas and long home flight. But the list of the players, including titled ones from Poland is exceeding from day to day”. Last year’s medalist Jerzy Kwiatkowski, despite shoulder injury announced that he’d defend the medal and that he wanted to win gold. There are many juniors, the list of amateurs and seniors 85kg class is already full.

The trophy is of course the Orawa belt for the Champion, but there are also cups and many souvenirs for the participants and fans. See how neatly folders, business cards, leaflets, stickers and posters! The stage… patterned on the one at the World Cup, in front of the community centre where the tournaments are going to take place, five masts with the flags of the event, in a word revelation.

Let’s also add a great duel of Mariusz Grochowski and Jan Germanus. Both of these players he a specific sport “luck” to meet, once one of them wins then, the second one and there are still many doubts, who is better. This year’s duel is supposed to solve this matter once and for all. Although personally I’d prefer them to add new and new challenges!

There will be an internet broadcast of the event, but those who have  a family living nearby I suggest to come and see!

Jabłonka Orawska, Poland


AMATEUR OPEN I – 300 PLN, II – 200 PLN, III – 100 PLN
WOMEN OPEN I – 500 PLN, II – 300 PLN, III – 100 PLN
MEN 85 KG I – 500 PLN, II – 300 PLN, III – 100 PLN

I – 1500 PLN (+ ORAWA BELT – 900 PLN)

II – 1000 PLN,

III – 600 PLN




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