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Pushkar injured! >>>

Pushkar injured! # Armwrestling #

In the January Vendetta he was supposed to face Michael Todd, but the fight is off. Andrey Pushkar has been injured. ()

Supposedly, he's injured his arm a month before Zloty Tur. Too much weights during training caused the Ukrainian armwrestler to have elbow trouble.

I've outdone my training – admits Pushkar. - The pain was gone after a week, so I've decided to fight in Zloty Tur anyway. I was hoping that I won't have too many tough opponents. I won easily in left arm, the right was a bit worse. After the fight with Trubin the pain was back, and it got worse on my way back home. I thought it would go away in a week again.

Unfortunately, it still hurts, and I can't go back to training, not to mention fighting.

Igor Mazurenko, organizer of Zloty Tur and Vendetta in Vegas knew of Pushkar's injury, and he too was hoping for an improvement in the situation.

Andrey always informs me of his health troubles, connected to armwrestling – says Mazurenko. I didn't want to make decisions for him, he decided on his own. He fought even though he was injured. Now we'll have to wait for the outcome of his rehabilitation, so the fight date has to be moved to the next Vendetta.

The question is now: who will fight Michael Todd in the January Vendetta in Vegas? More on that tomorrow.



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