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Dmitri Silaev and Bogdan Ivachnienko: evaluation of 2015 >>>

Dmitri Silaev and Bogdan Ivachnienko: evaluation of 2015 # Armwrestling #

Successes, failures and future plans. ()

Dmitrij Silaev, Russian armwrestler

For me this was a good year. I started in the maximum number of competitions and I placed in the top three in every one of them, I was on the podium everywhere I went. I consider this a good result, personally. The most spectacular event for me was the Professionals' World Cup Zloty Tur.

I liked the organization of this event, the fights and all the rest. I will come to Tur many more times. I want to get in shape that I was never in before. I've already begun the preparations. I think I'm going to surprise everyone at the Russian Championships.

Bogdan Iwachnienko, Ukrainian armwrestler

For me this season was very hot and colorful. There were many happy moments, for example my reception of the Master of Sports title. There were also some failures this year, due to my small amount of experience.

I messed up the Worlds and Europeans, because I used the wrong technique, but then I thought it all through and I fixed some basic errors. Despite all that I had quite a good start in the Zloty Tur at the end of the season. There were many interesting events this year, every championships is a major event, and every year we can see the growing levels of sportsmen. I think our sport has a great future. I was surprised with Zloty Tur. I think it was the most spectacular event of last season.

I don't want to expose my future plans just yet, but I will say that I will try to surprise you all with my form this season! I'm only 22 years old and I feel that my progress in the right direction has just begun.

I just want to thank Igor Mazurenko for his help that I have received all the past year. I wish everyone great good health in 2016!



Anastazja Kisilyova

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