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Why has the armfight #45 date been moved? >>>

Why has the armfight #45 date been moved? # Armwrestling #

Launching the new platform and the prolonged procedures of signing new fighters for the following Vendettas – those are the reasons for changing the date of the upcoming armfight. ()

Moving the date of armfight#45 from 16th January to 27th February 2016 has caused a lot of controversy. Some blame Alexey Voevoda, but the facts are entirely different.

- Moving the date of armfight#45 is mainly due to launching the new platform - explains Igor Mazurenko, organizer of Vendetta in Vegas. The requirements we've been given for the promotion of the Vegas event are connected with a minimum of two months' promotion of the event before its planned date. From the end of December that is 2 months. There are also some time issues with signing on the fighters.

Mazurenko confirms that Voevoda was ready to fight on the 16th of January and asks not to draw erroneous conclusions.

- We want to put on a top-level show – says the organizer. - We have to be as well prepared as the fighters themselves.


Armfight #45 will take place on 27th February, in Las Vegas, Fremont Street.




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