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Janek Żółciński: „I am stubborn!” >>>

Janek Żółciński: „I am stubborn!” # Armwrestling #

At present, his sports life consists of walks and watching sports channels. Plans for New Year? Return to health and the armwrestling table. ()

How does your sports life look like now? Is there any?

My sports life right now focuses mainly on long walks and watching sports TV channels. Very measly substitutes, but the only ones possible for now.

You had to put training off totally?

I don't lift and i limit my exertions to minimum, I can forget training for now.

Do you have the date for your operation?

I do, I think it''s the 9th of March 2016.

How long will rehabilitation take?

It's hard to say exactly. But the return to health will be quick. Getting back in shape is a different mater altogether, but I am stubborn, and as usual I will find extra motivation for hard work, to come back fast and be in an even better shape.

When do you plan to return to armwrestling?

As soon as i get the green light from my doctor.

Will you be following the Vendettas?

Of course, and as far as it's possible I will follow the contestants' progress. There are some amazing fights coming up.

Whom will you be cheering for in February? What do you think about Bresnan vs Voevoda?

As for Vendetta and Tim and Alexey, it's hard to say who will win. Tim is a great fighter with powerful pronation, and Voevoda is an armwrestling legend. He has impressive strength stats, but armwrestling has progressed, so I think this will be an excellent fight. I have no favorites here, i will definitely watch this fight.


Trubin pulled a great upset recently. Seeing as he hasn't fought in two years, he hasn't been idling, he worked hard. He has great potential. Todd on the other hand is a guy with a technique seldom seen in Europe, and he's very strong too, he will be a tough nut to crack. I forecast 6:0 for Michael.




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