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Armfight #45: Corey Miller >>>

Armfight #45: Corey Miller # Armwrestling #

This will be his second Vendetta in Vegas. Before, he fought Vazgen Soghoyan and won 5:1. Now he will face Eduardo Tiete. ()

Corey, this is your second Vendetta. How are you preparing for it?

I was supposed to fight Eduardo once before, so I am just getting back to the preparations I did back then. Eduardo is great with side hook. I have to be certain that when I start in the middle, I can take control and attack. So a lot of my training will be focused on that.

What do you know about Eduardo?

I know he has a great side pressure hook, and smaller arms, with great supination. When we were supposed to fight the last time, I got injured playing softball. I had a few months' break, a broken ankle and a huge hematoma.

I was very disappointed to not be able to fight him, but now I get a second chance.

How does your everyday training look like?

I lift weights 2-3 times a week and I also do practice.

How are you training for the Vendetta?

I focus a lot on my forearm, and I pull a lot with heavy expanders. I work out a lot on machines and specialist devices, focusing on controlling my arm.

Are you switching weights for the Vendetta?


You used to weigh 73kg, will you go up to 78kg?

Yeah, I usually weigh about 73kg. Going up will give me bigger strenght and stamina.


Vendetta in Vegas armfight #45 will take place on 27th Februaru 2016 in Las Vegas , Fremont Street.


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