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After Zloty Tour, Part 3 >>>

After Zloty Tour, Part 3 # Armwrestling #

The final part of the review Zloty Tour 2016. Category 105 kg and +105 kg. ()

In Zloty Tur 2016 a new weight category was introduced for men - up to 105 kg.

Many fans look forward to the confrontation in this category, as no one could assume with accuracy, what will be the composition of the participants. Someone dropped weight, someone gained, and ultimately category was good and competitive Newcomers Vitaly Laletin and Georgiy Khaspekov from Russia took part in this category. Both athletes competed in the category only on the right hand and got into a prize-winning three. After several years of pause for competitions returned Mikhail Rudakov from Ukraine. Mikhail was in great shape, he did not have quite a bit to take prizes and he finished fourth in both hands. The absolute winner was Krasimir Kostadinov from Bulgaria, which seems perfectly in the category. Last year, he lost in the weight category up to 95 kg, and he said that would not do this again. He is fairly large for the category of 95 kg and not big enough for a heavyweight. In the category of 105 kg Krasimir quite simply won gold medals in both hands, even Laletin Vitaly could not give him resistance. Only Normunds Thomson from Latvia a bit puzzled Krasimir.

Heavyweight category +105 kg was perhaps the most anticipated in this tournament. This is because many were waiting for the confrontation against Andrey Pushkar and Dmitry Trubin. On the left hand the tournament draw divided them until the very end. The reason for this was the talented athlete Vitaly Laletin. Vitaly was originally prepared to pull in the category of 105 kg, but he had some difficulties with the road, and he came to the sports complex 20 minutes after the start of the 105 kg category. Unfortunately, the category he could not take part at 105 kg but the organizers suggested Vitaly to try his hand at the heavyweight division. Vitaly agreed, took off his jacket and started to warm up. Heavy road, late in the category, about 10 minutes to prepare for a fight with heavyweight and ... in the first battle rival for Vitali was Andrey Pushkar. Worse than you can imagine, but what happened next made the whole audience cheering - a powerful and technical start from Vitali made Pushkar’s hand pinned to the pad, WOW! After that, Vitali won several fights and lost to Dmitry Trubin, but could not win re-assembled and already extremely concentrated Pushkar for the semi-finals, and eventually finishing fourth. Andrey Pushkar, down in the bottom grid, won all his rivals and came out in the final to Dmitry Trubin. Hall waited, but it was disappointed, Pushkar gave a hand for Trubin without a fight and took second place. The third was Dmitry Shmyko from Belarus.

On the right hand all promised to be even more interesting, because the list was really serious: of Gennady Kvikvinia, Modestas Grigaitis, Mehdi Abdolvand and Michael Todd. These guys really can accurately make adjustments to the triumvirate. The first pair turned in a duel "old friends" Andrey Pushkar and Michael Todd. In straps Andery won Michael with a strong start. As it turned out, Michael was seriously injured. Then he pulled only in defensive style. But Michael showed real character, he fought to the last bit of strength, and finished seventh. It is unusual to see such Todd, but no one has an immune from injury.

In preliminary fights Trubin Dmitry met Andrey Pushkar, despite the early stage of the tournament, no one was going to give out and the athletes showed excellent fight. Andrey, as always, used his powerful start, but it was clear that Dima is ready for this. As a result, after a foul by Andrey, Dima was in an attacking position, and he was able to pin Pushkar. Trubin went to Pushkar to win, and he did it. Grigaitis and Kvikviniya pulled well, Modestas finished fourth and Gennady lost Trubin for the finals and waited in the semifinals for Pushkar. Andrey decided not to fight and gave his hand in the semifinals, finishing at the third place.

Ultimate category waited for them in future...

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