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Magzhan Shamiev: "I knew it would be difficult" >>>

Magzhan Shamiev: "I knew it would be difficult" # Armwrestling #

This year Oleg Zhoh left the category up to 78 kg and champion’s place on the left arm was vacant. Serious struggle turned for gold and Magzhan Shamiev from Kazakhstan became a new champion. ()

Some time ago Magzhan pulled at the World Championships in Bulgaria, where he took two second places. And he had almost no time to prepare for Zloty Tur:

"I was unable to improve my shape after the Worlds, because we had been preparing for only two weeks. I think that I did not my 100% to Zloty Tur".

Category up to 78 kg was the most numerous and full of talented athletes, but Magzhan eventually managed to take gold:

"Yes, there were many strong and titled athlete, I knew it would be very difficult. Before the tournament, I only rested for three days, and my hands were not fully restored. The most difficult for me was to fight with Kazimir Iskandarov, after that I have very bad hand. But the most important thing is that I won in the category in which pulled several world champions".

On the left hand Magzhan became champion, and on the right ranked fifth. It was clear that he was ready for a better result, but fouls prevented him:

"The right hand, too, was good, but I made a small mistake and lost.

I will try to avoid such mistakes next time".

Magzhan pulled at this event not the first time and he knew that it was the highest-level event both participants and organization:

"The organization of the competition was very high, as always. Rumia - a nice town and the weather at the time was good. We all really enjoyed it".

By the end of the year Magzhan still will show his skills at the table. Ahead he has final event of the season:

"Before the end of the year in our town Shardara will be the final event of the year. This competition is organized by the head coach of our club - "Shardara Armsport" Arman Romanuly Karsybaev. It will involve all the most powerful and titled sportsmen from Shardara. Then I will rest and prepare for the new season".

Last year Magzhan managed to win the Oleg Zhokh on his left hand, this year he become the new champion of the largest category. This athlete does not stop to surprise us. We will keep in touch with him and try to illuminate the struggle of the tournament the club "Shardara" is for you. Stay with us and stay tuned to

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