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Zloty Tur and Pay-Per-View: How it began >>>

Zloty Tur and Pay-Per-View: How it began # Armwrestling #

Zloty Tour is an event that outstrips any other in the world of armwrestling. ()

Why do I say? I see the statistics: how many people are interested to watch regular amateur championships, and how many - particularly Zloty Tur.

Zloty Tur this year exceeded last year's by all accounts, not to mention the earlier events. Organizing the first cup, we had no idea, how we can develop.

First Zloty Tur was devoted to the opening of the first sports club in Gdynia, which works now. Behind him we opened "Golden Lion" in Lembork, then another club, and then out of this we did a federation in Poland.

In 2001 we wanted Zloty Tur to be attended with someone else besides Ukrainians and Poles. And we reached our goal, here were about 9-11 countries, all 50 participants. We went out to the external market.

2002. We are interested only in Alexey Voevoda and his revenge with Jan Germanus. But the level of Alexei was much higher, and Jan was defeated.

In 2003, we tried to invite any TV-channel. One girl from Polish television came to us, she promised a program of 40-50 minutes, but shot only 17. And we were happy with it.

In 2004, our goal was to get into the TV, to show armwrestling to the audience on any channel. I look at this video ... It's funny, but what to do, this was the time.

In 2005 we wanted to go live, and we have done that.

In 2006 we increased cash prizes. There were many participants, John Brzenk became a regular visitor, also here was Farid Usmanov.

In 2007 we conducted Zloty Tur in casino Olympic at Hilton hotel. There's the first time we held a competition for the left hand. Competitions were held for two days, the prize money was also duplicated.

In 2008, the first time we have invited Denis Tsyplenkov. The composition was really stellar. In 2008, the first time we decided in addition to television channels to broadcast on the Internet. It collected a small amount of views, but the start was given.

The first tourists began to come to us, just to watch.

I remember with Dennis then came 20 people, traveling from Kaliningrad, St Petersburg, also some peope came with Pushkar from Ukraine.

In 2009, we continue to progress, free of charge broadcasting on the Internet. At the resource, which hosted the broadcast, at the same time for free up to 1000 spectators could watch the show. During these two days, 80 thousand unique viewers watched Zloty Tur. It was a success.

In 2010, we decided to pay a resource to increase the number of simultaneous viewers to 1500. We believe that we will be enough. What happened then turned our approach to the organization of the competition, and then we decided to move on to Pay-Per-View.

In the first half of the first day I started to receive reports about this content: "What do you allow?! You said that everything will be free! How can you?! It's a sport! ". In general, what I hear about it for six years.

But I was at a loss! We paid for a thousand and a half people. What was going on? Then we started checking and found more than 1.5 thousand viewers watched Zloty Tur, and anyone who went beyond this, had a message from the resource with the request to pay one dollar. One dollar! We did everything for free, but the service decided to take the money. A view counter stopped at 150 thousands. And no longer grew in the first day. On the second day it turned out the same, but we could not change anything.

At this Cup for the first time Denis Tsyplenkov took two cups on both hands.

The following year we decided to do a paid broadcast. Very small audience watched it, but we were satisfied. I realized that we need to develop in this direction.

So, since 2011 we are working on the PPV, and will continue to do so. The audience should understand that Mazurenko Armwrestling Promotion is not just my wife, Marcin Melnichuk and me, but still an average of 20-60 people, depending on the scope of sports events. And in 2013 over the championship, which was the biggest tournament in general, it employed 100 people. And PPV – it is their salary and the prospect of development of the organization.

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