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The improvement of Ermes Gasparini >>>

The improvement of Ermes Gasparini # Armwrestling #

The presence of Ermes Gasparini at Zloty Tur-2016 made a great influence not on results 95 kg class but on ultimate class also. ()

1st place in 95 kg class on the right hand, 4th in ultimate on the right hand – could somebody predicted it? Especially thinking about that Ermes didn’t participate at Worlds this year. Probably this young Italian could be named one of Zloty Tur surprises.

Ermes, you didn’t take part at the World championship, why?

– I did not take part at the World championship because of the weight problem. I weighted 95kg and 5kg make difference in 100kg. After this Zloty Tur I saw that even though I’d weight 5kg less there would be no problem for me.

How did you prepare for Zloty Tur? Can you say that you got stronger?

– For Zloty Tur I trained a lot. I prepared to pull with Rustam Babaiev very much and I am very happy that I was able to win the fight with him.

In addition, this Zloty Tur we had correct and strong refereeing and I am happy about it. I think, each competition should be so!

What can you say about your category and about your pulling? What were your strong sides and weak points?

– This year I improved myself very much and my shape is very good in general. In my category I only had problems with Rustam on the right hand. On the left hand I pulled hard and lost in a fight against the reigning world champion from Kazakhstan of 100kg Georgy Dzeranov.

Whom would you like to see in armfight with you?

– I think Igor Mazurenko would decide about my future armfight rival. But I’d prefer Khadzhimurat Zoloyev. I think it could be nice!

So we could only imagine about future strength and perspectives of Ermes. And I think it would be very interesting to see him pulling in armfight like in other type of competition.

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