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Krasimir Kostadinov: «105 kg is my category!» >>>

Krasimir Kostadinov: «105 kg is my category!» # Armwrestling #

Bulgarian athlete Krasimir Kostadinov became a real master of a new 105 kg class. And probably his fights were one of the brightest and the most spectacular. ()

Krasimir, how did you like your shape that you made for ZT? Did you get stronger since Worlds as for you?

I think I was in my best shape ever at this Zloty! I think I was a little bit better than my form from the worlds.

You pulled very attentively and carefully. Why?

I always try to listen the referees and to be careful where my elbow is. But there is one thing that I can say about some of the referee – they don’t watch about the knuckles! It is very important and I hope next time every referee will be more strict about that!

You are the first winner of 105 kg class. How do you like your category?

I have always been thinking that there should be 105 kg category at Zloty Tur. And now I am very happy! It is my category!

Whom would you like to see in this category too?

It would be interesting if the American pullers from 100 kg come to pull with the Europeans, I mean – Larrat, Brzenk, Barbosa, Mask.

You fought with Genady Kvikvinia. How did you like it?

I am very happy that I bet Genady, because he bet me at the Worlds, and his attitude at the table is disrespectful!

Rustam Babayev came back to armwrestling. Your fight was a pearl of the cup. Tell about it, please. Was it really hard?

Rustam is maybe the second most titled armwrestler after Brzenk. He is incredibly strong for his weight. His comeback was successful.

I think that he was stronger than Ermes, but needed a strap to win his category. But he couldn’t get the straps (I lose the same way sometimes, it’s not nice :/ ) So... He bet me 5 years ago at Senec hand I wanted revenge. When I saw that I will pull him in the open I didn’t know if I should be happy or not, because I was already a little bit tired from my match with Genady and I didn’t know if I will manage to stop his hit! But I stopped him! Then I thought that I would just have to wait and beat him... But I realized that my arm started to get pumped and I was not feeling good... after every second the gas in the tank was going down... I gave absolutely 100 % to beat him. After the match, I had the feeling that I may fall down, that’s why I sit on the podium for a second. But everything was fine.

How do you like ring girls?

The ring girls were awesome!

How do think, does the cup’s results reflect reality?

About the reality of the cup... Well… I think the reality is in each category. In the open... it was very interesting, but the draw was the thing that decided how the podium will be! Here I can say that I wanted to pull with Pushkar in straps ...I want to pull Trubin also!

What are your future plans?

Now I continue trainings but without competitions. Want some mental rest...

If everything is ok, see you next year!

Happy holydays to all the pullers and be healthy!!! 

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