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Armwrestlers, who changed the sport. Cvetan Gashevski >>>

Armwrestlers, who changed the sport. Cvetan Gashevski # Armwrestling #

Cvetan Gashevski is an armwrestler Legend of Bulgaria. ()

First time I have ever seen him was 1994 World Armwrestling Championship Championships in Sweden. There I believe he took 2 in the World after the great Georgian puller Vephkia Samkharadze in 70kg category. Cvetan looked very strong but lack of technique then.       

 After that time I again met him in 1996 World Championship in USA. Then I believe he was 75kg. Again he looked strong but still not so technical.

 After that time I did not see him for a couple of years because I was living in US but I started to hear more about him doing well at the European events. Then again saw him at the Europeans in 1998 Lithuania. There he pulled 70kg and had wars against Tamas Chutherashvili from Georgia. Gashevski ended up winning the Europeans there. Following from those years he became one of the best light weights in the world.

 He was lightning fast, his starting hit was very very powerful but at the same time he could armwrestle forever. He could pull in, out and side way with and without wrist. His well rouundness made him a Professor in the eyes of the armwrestling world. His 6,5 minute long match against Yoshinobi Kanai in Nevada was an unforgetable one. His victory in 2001 PAL League Event was another great one to remember.

 As far as I know he has won 10 European Titles from 1995 to 2005 (He did not compete 2003 Europeans). There are way too many to list his unforgetable matches but if I need to mention a few more then probably his wins against Tsakhilov Taimuras in 2002 Europeans were amazing. Him to switch to toproll from a deep hook during a very tough match was amazing. His win against Rustam Babayev in 8 men competetion was another unforgetable one as at that time Rustam was almost invincible.

 His win in 2001 WAF Poland was another great one. He beat both Maxim Maximov and Bondo Hubulov one after another to take gold after minutes long battles. It always amazed m ehim to be so explosive like a sprinter but also to have endurance like a marathon runner.

  Gashevski to compete and take Silver Medal in 2015 World Championships was also as amazing as the other great things that he has done during his career. As I know that he is not anywhere near where he was in his prime but he still was experienced and technical enough to pull succesfully. Cvetan Gashevski is an exceptional armwrestler and without any doubt is an International Legend of our sport. He is not only a succesful armwrestler but also a respectful person that also receives utmost respect in the sport of armwrestling.

I wish him the best in rest of his life and career, and also thank him for being an inspiration for the armwrestlers from all over the world!


Engin Terzi

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