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David Samushia: "I had a revenge" >>>

David Samushia: "I had a revenge" # Armwrestling #

Sports season of David Samushia can be called a success. In the spring, he became the champion of Europe, in October - the bronze medalist of the World Championship, and finished the season winning the most numerous category at the Zloty Tour. ()

David, did y you improve your shape after the Worlds? Were you ready for Zloty Tur on 100%?

- No, I was not ready. After the World Championship I got injured, I hurt my back. I trained sitting and it was my preparation...

You had the largest category. Was it also a qualitative? Who was the main rival for you?

- No, it probably was not. I pulled in the category of 80 kg, but did not feel comfortable there. I felt strenth, but not the quality, at least such as it is now.

All my rivals were very strong.

Tell us about your fight. What you did not have to win on the left hand?

- My struggle on his left hand - this is just the start, and there was not enough strength. I need to train it more resistant. I will add.

On the right hand you did not leave anyone a chance.

Who gave you the most trouble?

- Yes, I felt more confident on the right hand. Of course, the most serious opponent was Kazakh Shynbolat Raihanov. He beat me at the World Championship, and here I have taken revenge. The rest I passed easily. But all my opponents were very good, I have great respect for them.

How do you like the ultimate category? Can you name the strongest?

- Yes, of course, this time Pushkar was the strongest, but Tsyplenkov is much higher. I think it is number one on the planet.

Share your impressions in general.

- Tournament was great! I am delighted. Organizers - Well done, all of them big bow. The team has laid out a hundred percent. And of course, I will come next time, I want to defend my title next year. I'll be much stronger than now!

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