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Three successful stories from Kazakhstan >>>

Three successful stories from Kazakhstan # Armwrestling #

At the last Professional World Cup – Zloty Tur, for the second year in a row in the team scores team of Kazakhstan wins. Most of their team are from a famous sportsmen club "Shardara Armsport". ()

This year, at the Zloty Tur, along with more experienced comrades, for the first time were once three representatives of  "Shardara Armsport" - Talgatbek Rustembek (63 kg), Nurdaulet Sadivakassov (86 kg) and Medet Kuttymuratov (105 kg).

For the first time to get to the Zloty Tur as a participant - it is very prestigious, because it is the best tournament in the armwrestling world. For guys this is definitely a great experience, because they were the first time at this level of competition:

"The feeling are great! Thanks to the organizers for the fact that every year they organize a celebration to fans of our sport. You are professionals", – noted athletes.

The boys immediately noted the high level of competition. And despite such competition, they completed the task of his coach:

"We are impressed that all athletes have a very high level. Sometimes in the championships of Asia and Worlds happens that your opponent is weaker than you, and here are all equal. The aim of our coach - to be in the top three. We dealt with it".

Athletes have analyzed their pulling and make conclusions. Ir seems, the boys were charged by nice motivations, as they are already waiting for the next opportunity to prove themselves at the World Cup:

Talgatbek Rustembekov: "I won the gold at the right hand in the weight category 63 kg. I think, on the right hand I shown my 100%. Left hand starts I lost. I will try very hard on these competitions to take revenge Georgian athlete Vilen Gabrava".

Nurdaulet Sadivakassov: "I was the third on the left hand, and the right hand I won. On the left hand I could be in the final, but the Russian sportsman was more prepared than me. Now we will prepare a hard left hand".

Medet Kuttymuratov: "I was preparing for a year to this tournament. I took the 3rd place on the left arm. On the right hand lost. I am, in general, dissatisfied with the result. But next year will try to be in the World Cup finals".

Who was the hardest fight of his rivals?

Talgatbek Rustembekov: "It was very difficult to pull with Vilen Gabrava from Georgia. On the left, he is very strong".

Nurdaulet Sadivakassov: "For me the most difficult opponent psychologically was Georgian Zurab Tavberidze as it multiple winner of world and European championships. But I coped with excitement, and won him".

Medet Kuttymuratov: "It was difficult with Vitali Laletin. He is a very strong athlete. I was not ready to confront such a strong and experienced athlete".

The boys noted the performance of several athletes as exciting:

"Ermes Gasparini surprised us. He does not look so strong, but he is. After losing in Croatia from him, an athlete of our club – Kydyrgali Ongarbaev – is waiting for a rematch with him, it would be an interesting fight. And another surprise was Vitaly Laletin from Russia. In the future, he will enter the list of top athletes. There were not enough Khadzhimurat Zoloeva and Jambul Vibliani. It would be interesting to compete with such renowned athletes".

Their plans for the future guys already know. Not far off the new season there will be a series of traditional events. And of course, the list of tournaments now has Zloty Tur:

"Championship of the Republic of Kazakhstan in February 2017 will be held in Shardara. The aim of our club  – to win all 11 categories. Every year, we barely missed. The weakness of our club was heavy weights. Now Kydyrgali Ongarbaev and Medet Kuttymuratov up to a heavier categories, so we think we will cope with the task. After the championship of Kazakhstan we are waiting for the championship of Asia, the Worlds, and of course Zloty Tur ».

"Shardara Armsport" never ceases to amaze. It can be named the Champions forge, because every year there are new students, who immediately took top place in the strongest tournaments. We will continue to keep in touch with these talented guys. Stay with us and stay tuned to

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