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The USA Heavyweights: results of the year >>>

The USA Heavyweights: results of the year # Armwrestling #

Two of the best world’s armwrestlers from the United States shared with their 2016 year success stories. ()

Tim Bresnan: «Оver all 2016 was a great year. I had great time, trained hard, had some good wins! My greatest win was Alexey Voevoda. I trained specifically for his style and strength. And all worked out. I was not able to fight Dmitry Trubin due to PAL cancelling the event. It was a great disappointment for me. But I will be looking forward to our next fight with my friend Igor.

My real wins would be. Just I being able to fight at all with being as suck as I was 3 year ago with some huge physical problems. The failing I had was not being healthy enough to compete in Poland at World Cup just was healthy enough to make a good show of it.

To all the armwresling fans – this year will be a great year for me. I’m working out and training hard and will be best I can be, so get ready for some huge upsets in our sport!»

Michael Todd: «2016 was bitter sweet for me.

I was supposed to compete against Pushkar for the PAL World Title, but due to his injury, I competed with Trubin. Trubin fought very well and was victorious.

The only achievement that I feel that I had in 2016 was, after losing 2 Vendetta's I got my hunger back to train and be the best I can! I wasn't able to win the Zloty Tur, but I will definitely be back in 2017!

The only thing I would change is, I wouldn't have been training so hard so close to Zloty. I believe I was so determined to win, that I over trained & had several injuries.

The real win is that now I'm more determined than ever to become the Overall #1 armwrestler in the World!

The fail is not being able to be healthy for the Zloty Tur event!

I want to thank everyone who supported me in 2016 & I promise to be back stronger than ever on 2017!

I also, want to wish a Happy New Year to all the fans & my fellow competitors! Train hard & see you in the table in 2017!»

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